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EN[ˈɔɹdɚd] [ˈɔːdəd]

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  • Examples of ordered
    1. example: alphabetically ordered seating charts in school classrooms
    2. She ordered a plate of barbecue with a side of slaw.
    3. [ …] the officer to whom the command was deputed, to the amusement of a German bombardier, ordered one of the largest cannons to be placed under the gate of a fortress [ …]
    4. The referee ordered the boxers to break the clinch.
    5. We ordered five hundred cars of gypsum.
    6. We have proven that this set is finite and well ordered; as a corollary, we now know that there is an order-preserving map from it to the natural numbers.
    7. Its worth was quickly recognized: in 1765, Queen Charlotte, the wife of George III, ordered a creamware tea set.
    8. "Deploy two units of infantry along the enemy's flank," the general ordered.
    9. The court ordered the disposition of all assets. ‎
    10. I ordered two dozen doughnuts.
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