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  • Examples of oppose
    1. What Miscreant quisquilian Scraps and Fragments have the Arians, Papists and Socinians to oppose to all those deliberate and concordant Testimonies?
    2. How durst he, I say, oppose thy curship! — Hudibras.
    3. Defiance-based paradox is employed so that the family will actively oppose and deliberately sabotage the prescription.
    4. The emphatic speaker dearly loves to oppose, In contact inconvenient, nose to nose. As if the gnomon on his neighbour's phiz, Touched with the magnet had attracted his.
    5. There’s only a smattering of people who oppose the first amendment.
    6. to oppose the king in battle; to oppose a bill in Congress
    7. There is still time to oppose this plan.
    8. Many religious leaders oppose cloning humans.
    9. to oppose a rival for a prize
  • Examples of opposes
    1. The icon of the blue ribbon on her site should not be taken to mean she opposes parental filtration programs.
    2. Britain's leading green commentator, George Monbiot, gives the head of the Campaign to Protect Rural England an unforgettable grilling, asking why the countryside watchdog opposes windfarms - but not opencast coal mines
    3. Hezbollah opposes Zionists.
    4. Community Board 4 also generally opposes requests for street renamings, according to Robert J. Benfatto Jr., the district manager.
    5. Curran, who opposes the papal ban on contraception, contends theologians may legitimately dissent from noninfallible teachings.
  • Examples of opposed
    1. First, in depending on vocabulary, as opposed to morphology or grammar, one runs the risk of assuming cognacy between similar words when the real explanation is borrowing.
    2. I'm in need of some comfort fic - as opposed to comfort food - and this genre seems to fit the bill perfectly.
    3. the preservation of the race of man is made to grow out of that quickening impulse, which we call the life of humanity. This notion, which was called Traducianism by the schoolmen (the system opposed to it being termed Creatianism [sic])
    4. In the days of the early Christian church, people who opposed the veneration (reverence) of images were called iconoclasts.
    5. During the 1960s, some Georgians opposed the intermarriage of blacks and whites.
    6. The patient's NOI is harder to identify because it is entirely symptomatic as opposed to the MOI which is obvious.
    7. There was a difference in the decibel level of the crowd roar when the band started up a hit —— “Hey Nineteen,” “Peg,” “Black Friday” ——— as opposed to a nonhit, like “Show Biz Kids” or “Babylon Sisters.”
  • Examples of opposing
    1. opposing armies
    2. She pictured the runty Marine general--a veteran of the Nicaraguan campaigns--standing feistily between opposing texts.
    3. Fans from opposing teams clashed on the streets after the game.
    4. As a ploy to discredit the reformist politician, the opposing party had hired a lookalike to act as his evil twin and be seen in a variety of compromising situations.
    5. Well, 'sorry to have bruised your fee fees with an intelligent, opposing viewpoint [ …]
    6. The opposing team's forward hooked me, but the referee didn't see it, so no penalty.
    7. Those opposing the building plans were in the majority, so the building project was canceled.
    8. The government have done a U-turn and are now supporting greater European integration instead of opposing it.
    9. The opposing political party is deploying high profile speakers to counterprogram the convention with small rallies at nearby sites.
    10. Well, if you ask me, Pastor Hawkins is trying to hold with the hare and run with the hounds by opposing casino gambling when his church operates a bingo game every Thursday night.
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