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EN[ˈɒfn̩] [ˈɒftən] [ɔːfən] [ˈɔfn̩] [ˈɔftən] [ˈɑfn̩] [ˈɑftən] [-ɒfən]

    Examples of often in a Sentence

  • Examples of often
    1. A "haggard" is a bird captured as an adult and therefore of unknown age; often, the law prohibits capturing birds of mating age. Falconry Pro
    2. Deaf people often must deal with hearing people.
    3. Lambert's hair is sometimes red, sometimes not, but nowadays it is hennaed and often pinned back with a mother-of-pearl comb.
    4. The ability to shift profits to low-tax countries by locating intellectual property in them, which is then licensed to related businesses in high-tax countries, is often assumed to be the preserve of high-tech companies.
    5. The historical present is often treated as a principal tense, but there are exceptions and sometimes both constructions appear in the same passage.
    6. Donald Fagen and Walter Becker seem like the kind of late-1960s hypercerebral born-cynical East Coast hipsters who are often found valorizing authenticity in aesthetic expression.
    7. The often exaggerated addition of /h/ before words like "out" in written Cockney is a hypercorrect affectation.
    8. Yet what becomes quickly discernable is that violence and hyperphysical activity often result in the same kinds of address as the hypercomplex frames of meta-reference. [1]
  • Examples of oftener
    1. IT is deſigned, that the Countery ſhall be furnished once a moneth ( or if any Glut of Occurrences happen, oftener, ) with an Account of ſuch conſiderable things as have arrived unto our Notice.
    2. "He looks as if he had been so much oftener vexed, and so much seldomer pleased than you do," continued I, mentally comparing the smooth though weather-beaten benignity of the straight-cut features beside me, with the austere and frown-puckered gravity of my father's.
    3. The door of grace turns upon smooth hinges wide opening to fend out, but soon shutting to recall the precious offers of mercy to a nation: which, unless watchfulness and zeal, two quicksighted and readyhanded virgins, be there in our behalf to receive, we lose: and still the oftener we lose, the straiter the door opens, and the less is offered.
  • Examples of more often
    1. Now that I've got a car I can visit her more often.
    2. The naughty child's red ears resulted more often from cuffs on the ear then from honest shame after paternal lectures
    3. But what happens more often is that media “greenwashes” dirty energy sources (coal, gas, nuclear power) as “clean”—a particularly dangerous notion because it belies the threat they pose to our planet and human health.
    4. Hull was much less of a nutball than most of them, and the CIA station chief started coming around more and more often.
    5. The New York Yankees have won the American League pennant far more often than any other team.
    6. Regularity of rhythm came under assault from modernists in the last century, and its frequent absence accounts substantially for a sense of uprootedness and anxiety in their music that is more often attributed to atonal melody or harmony.
    7. At higher altitudes you need to breathe your horse more often.
    8. I really should call on my aunt more often.
  • Examples of most often
    1. It has never been revived on Broadway and is probably most often seen in high schools and colleges, where its singsongy charms and simple sentiments can still work their magic on hearts and minds unsullied by cynicism.
    2. Cloudiness in the water is most often caused in new aquariums by white bacteria.
    3. These days, toilet bowls are most often of porcelain ; however, one can find some of stainless steel, and even of resin of polymers.
    4. But when it comes to tales from my fellow midlifers, I most often find myself reading about regret and claustrophobia, fantasies surreptitiously indulged, old flames cyberstalked (including the agony of whether to hit “send” on that “Hey, you won’t believe who this is!” e-mail message), children occupying center stage as our ailing parents wait in the wings for our care ... while out of the spotlight, dangling unnoticed in the rigging, is the incredible shrinking spouse.
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