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    1. In conclusion, initial surgery approach, tumor size, extrathyroid invasion, lymph node metastases, and pathological type may be related to PTC recurrence.
    2. Mediastinoscopy was performed, including a mediastinal lymph node biopsy where he was found to have noncaseating granulomas.
    3. Biopsy of a left axillary lymph axillary node confirmed transformation to diffuse large B cell lymphoma, nongerminal center origin.
    4. There was also a nonocclusive thrombus in the portal vein, a mildly prominent right infrahilar lymph node measuring 1 cm, and bilateral renal cysts.
    5. The black stained lymph node to which a black stained lymphatic tract leads was considered as sentinel lymph node and excised along with perinodal fat.
    6. Significant extrahepatic lesions detected on APCT included ascending colon cancer (n = 1), cystic renal cell carcinoma (n = 1), periureteral metastasis (n = 1), and portocaval and retrocaval lymph node metastasis (n = 1).
    7. Data were searched with and without the MS2 processor node which deisotopes the MS2 spectra to the +1 charge state prior to searching.
    8. Bayry, J., Triebel, F., Kaveri, S. V. & Tough, D. F. Human dendritic cells acquire a semimature phenotype and lymph node homing potential through interaction with CD4 + CD25 + regulatory T cells .
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    1. the pararectal lymph nodes
    2. A complete graph with more than four nodes is never planar.
    3. to traverse all nodes in a network
    4. She recently developed lymphodema, the painful swelling and water retention that can happen in the arm where lymph nodes were removed.
    5. The patient had fever and sweats for weeks, but the diagnosis was uncertain until Osler nodes appeared on her fingers.
    6. Of course, in a supernetwork, nodes represent networks.
    7. A tautology can be verified by constructing a truth tree for its negation: if all of the leaf nodes of such truth tree end in X's, then the original (pre-negated) formula is a tautology.
    8. Further, nodes from occipital regions in the anatomical network, indicated by the blue circles (including calcarina, cuneus, precuneus, …), are distantly located from the group of frontal brain areas indicated by the red marks.
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