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  • Examples of nation
    1. the nation's motherhood
    2. both principles are necessary to a nation,--that in proportion as the muliebrity of the one sex declines, the virility of the other also lessens
    3. Perhaps it's neurogeography: an attempt to reveal not the collective mind of the nation but its nervous system.
    4. The library of the British Museum is [ …] rich in manuscripts, rich in palaeotypes, rich in the science, history, and literature of every age and nation.
    5. Following the general election, Jane Doe took her oath of office as a member of the nation's fifth parliament.
    6. to plunge a dagger into the breast;   to plunge a nation into war ‎
  • Examples of nations
    1. to bind the conscience; to bind by kindness; bound by affection; commerce binds nations to each other.
    2. In this brave new world, the IMF and other Western financial institutions dictated radical free trade "shock treatment" to both developing nations and the former USSR ...
    3. The diplomat accused the other nation's leader of brinkmanship for refusing to redeploy the troops along their nations' shared border.
    4. One of the most insignificant-looking men I ever saw then became the destroyer of nations, the leveller of mountains, the exhauster of the ocean.
    5. They tortured and put to death English factors in the Spice Islands; they descended upon the fisheries of the North Sea in huge fleets escorted by men-of-war that attacked and sank the fishermen of other nations
    6. Mr. Karzai and General Musharraf are expected to meet this week at a jirga, an assembly of leaders from their nations.
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