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EN[ˈmʌltɪplaɪ] [ˈmʌltɪpli]

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  • Examples of multiply
    1. To divide an Eisenstein integer by another Eisenstein integer , notice that ; accordingly multiply both denominator and numerator (of the division expressed as a fraction) by , then simplify.
    2. To multiply two numbers, add their logs.
    3. Multiply by root 2.
    4. A toggle joint, which used a lever system to multiply power, replaced the screw mechanism for forcing down the impression-forming platen.
    5. To annualise net profit, divide the year-to-date net profit by the number of completed months, and multiply by twelve.
    6. ...and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth... (Genesis 1:28, KJV)
  • Examples of multiplied
    1. The Highest comes in Holy Land to hold His sovran court and synod sanctified, As all the psalms and prophets have foretold: The riches of his grace He will spread wide Through his own realm, that seat and chosen fold Of worship and free mercies multiplied.
    2. when you multiply 3 by 7, you get 21;  he multiplied several numbers ‎
    3. Chinese restaurants, now dotting this peninsula like azaleas at Cypress Gardens, have introduced thousands of us Occidentals to the delights of moo goo gai pan. As a result, attempts to produce such exoticisms in our own homes have multiplied.
  • Examples of multiplying
    1. The effective radiated power is determined by multiplying the transmitter power output with the antenna gain.
    2. He had been multiplying, but it occurred to him he needed to resolve the exponents, first. ‎
    3. Cross-multiplying yields .
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