motorcycle Examples

EN[ˈmoʊtərˌsaɪkəl] [-oʊtərˌsaɪkəl]

    Examples of motorcycle in a Sentence

  • Examples of motorcycle
    1. The motorcycle requires a kick start.
    2. A rack of Balmain brings a mind-bending new unattainability to your wardrobe with tumescent shoulder pads (a motorcycle jacket, $8,915) and motocross-style jeans weighing in at an unforgivable $2,915.
    3. The motorcycle is weaving in and out of traffic
    4. Let's crank up the old motorcycle and take it for a spin.
    5. She owns a motorcycle with a sidecar.
  • Examples of motorcycles
    1. That last problem did intrude on Hazzard’s roamings, and when she refers to the living city it is with periodic references to thefts of cars and wallets, with a warning not to carry anything “snatchable” by the thieves on motorcycles who whiz through the streets.
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