EN[ˈmɒrəl] [ˈmɔrəl] [-ɒrəl]

    Examples of moral in a Sentence

  • Examples of moral
    1. He was a magnificent atavism, a man so purely primitive that he was of the type that came into the world before the development of the moral nature. He was not immoral, but merely unmoral.
    2. This fable is a capsulization of a certain moral philosophy.
    3. Reviewing the prudential warnings and moral qualms issued by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops , “it is hard not to conclude,” the editors write, “that the bishops’ charism, rather than the president’s, has better served the nation.”
    4. Its conception is entirely independent of the moral sense of the concipient, and may be said to be the objective apprehension.
    5. However, there is a particular objection to the rational defensibility of moral inertia that has to do with the intelligibility of the concept of deflection in general.
    6. We do not draw the moral lessons we might from history.
    7. The real difficulty was moral, not intellectual. Was the whole edifice of Ptolemy to be destroyed?
  • Examples of morals
    1. A forced churchgoer has no religion, a terrified churchgoer has no Christianity, a bribed churchgoer has no morals.
    2. conduct that declines from sound morals
    3. to reform a profligate man; to reform corrupt manners or morals
    4. It gives a pair of drunken bums direction, purpose and thriving small businesses but it destroys their friendship and warps their morals in the process.
    5. Schools no longer teach morals to children. We need to remoralize education!
    6. Just another note: some people are apparently concerned that Muldertorture stories are plotless, but I think a lot of our stories are plotless, and I don't have much of a problem with that, although I do enjoy plotted stories with morals more.
  • Examples of more moral
    1. Such is the breathtaking speciesism of our Christian-inspired attitudes, the abortion of a single human zygote (most of them are destined to be spontaneously aborted anyway) can arouse more moral solicitude and righteous indignation than the vivisection of any number of intelligent adult chimpanzees
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