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EN[ˈmɛntəl] [-ɛntəl]

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    1. In recent years, groups have started antistigma campaigns, and even the federal government embraces the message, with an ad campaign aimed at young adults to encourage them to support friends with mental illness.
    2. There were many more kinds of mental institutions at mid-century, ones for “mental defectives and epileptics” and the mentally retarded, psychiatric wards in veterans hospitals, as well as “psychopathic” and private mental hospitals.
    3. Regarding the second option, suppose that a substance dualist who is also a theist accounts for the conceptual possibility of a mental difference by claiming that God decided to put a soul in one individual but not the other.
    4. He is hot on mental arithmetic
    5. He is the most mental freshman I've seen yet.  He went mental on us. ‎
    6. That was a mental party last night. ‎
    7. the mental nerve;  the mental region ‎
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