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  • Examples of memory
    1. Her memory lives in that song. ‎
    2. Logical memory appears contiguous to an application program, but may well be stored on several physical devices, including in RAM and on hard-disks, as determined by the operating system.
    3. nonpaged memory
    4. a person of nonsane memory — William Blackstone.
    5. he used often to scold, and sometimes even to beat, my great-grandmother of blessed memory.
    6. But one way or another, what many people seem to end up seeking is a kinder, gentler version of their former working life, an officelike setting of familiar faces and shared memory.
    7. It was Rooney, however, who produced a moment of inspiration to score a stunning overhead kick that will live forever in the memory of United's fans and extended City's dismal sequence of only one league win in their last 27 visits to Old Trafford.
    8. Network overhead is the header data that is required to route and transport data over network, whereas fork overhead is the additional time and memory cost of creating and managing new processes within operating system.
    9. Flipping through his high school yearbook evoked many a poignant memory of yesteryear.
  • Examples of memories
    1. And if perchance some fleeting memories steal, Like far-off echoes to my dreaming ear, Away, ungrasped, the cheating visions wheel, As spectres start upon the wing of fear.
    2. His memories returned only fragmentedly after the accident.
    3. ONE of Ken Kwapis’s earliest filmgoing memories is watching the 1962 rampaging-monster movie “King Kong vs. Godzilla” at the local drive-in with his father in Belleville, Ill. Or rather, not watching it.
    4. And if we lose our memories we lose that groundedness of who we are.”
    5. Her favorite Chanukah memories were of eating latkes and sour cream while her mother gossiped with the aunts and cousins.
    6. Many of the lumberjacking memories have faded to black and white, the brightest moments colored mostly by Jim McKay’s yellow blazer.
    7. When Grandpa died, instead of a traditional funeral, he wanted a memorial service where people were free to share their memories and socialize.
    8. I have given my opinion against the authority of two great men, but I hope without offence to their memories.
    9. He longed for reconciliation with his estranged father, but too many painful memories kept him from making contact again.
    10. His mind began showering him with painful memories, forcing him to relive shunnings that stretched from elementary to high school and a procession of college roommates who'd ignore him after the first week.

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  4. en memorises
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