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  • Examples of material
    1. Ceramacrete was a nonflammable construction material used in buildings of the Post Diaspora era.
    2. Roofing is a material that covers a roof.
    3. Diamond is the hardest natural material.
    4. This method demonstrated significant potential, as the fact that no animal-derived or foreign substances were used, thereby avoiding the problems using foreign material which carries the issues of contamination, biotoxicity and allergy.
    5. Similarly, foreign genetic material may be acquired at this locus by illegitimate recombination during genome concatemerisation.
    6. Attempts to fuse and defluorinate rock phosphate by feeding the finely ground material into the flame of a blast lamp were not successful.
  • Examples of materials
    1. It was easy enough to leave off drinking sugar in her tea, but it was difficult to leave off materials constructed of cotton, and Miss Congreve was driven to the verge of Adamitism.
    2. The engineered class of anti-tetrachiral cellular materials is phenomenologically characterized by a strong auxeticity of the elastic macroscopic response.
    3. Furthermore, the phenotypic features of the carpelloid stamen materials were similar to the carpellody of stamens in B.
    4. Low chroma colors due to reduced conditions are often indistinguishable from lithochromatic colors imparted by till parent materials.
    5. Research on In 2 O 3 is very rare in photovoltaic materials due to its weak photoelectroactivity and poor charge carrier transport in In 2 O 3 [ 8 ], thus decreasing the power conversion efficiency of the cell.
  • Examples of most material
    1. This is the most material fact in this lawsuit.
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