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EN[meɪ̯d] [-eɪd]

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    1. They made a careful search of the crime scene.
    2. Cartilaginous fish such as the angler fish have a skeletal structure made up of cartilage.
    3. Part of a line of knotty-looking wood pieces, it is made from sugi, or Cryptomeria japonica, an elegant cedarlike evergreen.
    4. The achievement will transform neuroscience and serve as the starting point for asking questions we could not otherwise have answered, just as having the human genome has made it possible to ask new questions about cellular and molecular systems.
    5. Joan made the dish of ceramic.
    6. The initiative, which is in 25 Westin hotels and will become chainwide next year, encourages travelers trying to beat insomnia to drink smoothies made from bananas and soy milk.
    7. Clarified butter is made by removing water and impurities from butter.
    8. The mark made by Cory a new Central A. U. mark and he appears to be the class of the field in this event.
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