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  • Examples of locate
    1. The simple tool above provides a low-tech bodge to help people locate missing friends and family in Christchurch following today's terrible earthquake.
    2. They can fly —— the only mammals that can ——— and most also possess the sonarlike ability to locate objects, like the insects they want to eat, by emitting high-pitched sonic pulses and then triangulating the echoes bouncing back to their oversize ears.
    3. She lookbooked little black dresses in order to locate the one she wanted.
    4. The stickiness of a cellphone might be measured by its ability to tell correct time, locate its user, and allow its user to remain connected regardless of location.
    5. People doing the tracking can locate the trackees through a Web or cellphone interface or by calling the company’s toll-free number and providing the operator with a password.
    6. It was almost impossible to locate specific books in the library until we had alphabetized them by the authors' surnames.
  • Examples of locates
    1. Live cell imaging indicates Src1 could have roles during mitotic exit as it preferentially locates to the NE abscission points during nucleokinesis and to the NE surrounding forming daughter G1 nuclei.
  • Examples of located
    1. We located the petrous apex (PA) by the posterior part of the inferior turbinate (IT) and analyzed the position of the paraclival carotid on both sides in the axial plane 10 mm inferior and superior to PA (Figs 5 and 6 ).
    2. The pseudosylvian sulcus is weakly present, and it is located just above the temporal fossa.
    3. Of them the nucleus paragigantocellularis (PGi) (located in the rostroventrolateral medulla, RVLM) has been suggested as one of the major brain nuclei sending excitatory (glutamatergic) afferents to LC region [20 ].
    4. All plots were located on land with a coarse-loamy, mixed, mesic typic dystrochrepts soil, the most common soil family in eastern Massachusetts [47 ].
    5. Worker bees were collected from hives located in a polluted postmining area in South West Sardinia (Italy) that is also exposed to dust emissions from industrial plants.
    6. The afferent fibers, which play an important role in triggering swallowing, contact premotoneurons mainly located within the interstitial and intermediate subnuclei of the solitary tract nucleus (NTS) in the brainstem.
    7. Tyramide-FISH results on mitotic chromosomes showed that OOMT and PAL genes, belonging to the same pseudochromosome FvChr6 of F.vesca, were located on two different chromosomes (chromosome 1 and 7) in R. wichurana [ 29 ].
  • Examples of locating
    1. A newer technique, galactography, may sometimes be of value in locating ductal papillomas. Bloody nipple discharge suggests the need for galactography.
    2. I proceeded, therefore, to roam hither and thither about the grounds and messuages in the hope of locating her [...]

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