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  • Examples of limit
    1. five miles over the speed limit
    2. Mineral residue tested on the bridge and on the banks of the river found levels of radioactivity as high as 10 milliroentgen per hour, about 33 times what Congo considers a tolerable limit.
    3. President Chávez has been buying and selling against this idea, continuing to practice the kind of neopopulism that will reach its limit only when the country receives what economists call an external shock.
    4. Recall that the cyclicity of a polycycle in a family of equations is the maximal number of limit cycles that may occur from the polycycle in this family.
    5. The pool took all the wheat offered below the limit.
    6. After the new party took power, the government declared a revaluation of the currency in an attempt to limit runaway inflation.
    7. The office is full of rumpled clothes and bad haircuts; it’s an operation at which rollerball pens fall outside the budget limit (Bics for everyone!)
    8. The court held that romanette (ii) of the statute in issue did not limit eligibility for legal relief.
    9. If you push it to the limit, safety is not guaranteed.
  • Examples of limits
    1. To define is to specify, to trace limits; and whatever this 'something' is, it seems at once bafflingly specific and yet bafflingly without limits.
    2. When tournament players are eliminated but remain eager to win back their buy-in, side games often develop and upstage tournament play with limits exceeding those in the tournament.
    3. It happened therefore in a rogation weeke that the cleargie going in solemn procession a controversie fell between them about certaine walkes and limits which the one side claimed and the other denied.
    4. A classic example of a common good are fish stocks in international waters; no one is excluded from fishing, but as people withdraw fish without limits being imposed, the stocks for later fishermen are potentially depleted. (Wikipedia: Common good)
    5. A sample of 1000 showed that the correlation between weight and height was 0.0167, with 95% confidence limits of 0.0142 and 0.0183.
    6. "Over 90% of the dischargers examined were in violation of permit limits.
    7. an exceeder of limits
  • Examples of limited
    1. His knowledge of Iceland was limited to what he'd seen on the Travel Channel. ‎
    2. With membership limited strictly to "veterans of the late unpleasantness," the GAR encouraged the formation of Allied Orders to aid them in its various works.
    3. They [ … ] founded manufacturies of cotton cloths; contracted for the crops of produce at very high prices; offered rewards and, in short, they put in motion every partial resources they were able to avail themselves of and their limited means allowed.
    4. 2005: If we do issue a margin call, we may give you a limited time to satisfy the call. — TIAA-CREF Brokerage Services [1]
    5. Working as the sole writer, editor, illustrator, platemaker, compositor, proofreader and pressman, he published limited editions of short stories and poetry, illustrated with his own wood and linoleum cuts.
    6. These fruits are in season now, along with the plumcot, 50 percent plum and 50 percent apricot, which has been sold on a limited basis until now.
  • Examples of limiting
    1. Another way of circumventing — or, at least, limiting — this deconstructionist chitchat is by a de-neutered effort of will or an impeccable professional background outside the political arena altogether.
    2. I'm limiting myself to two drinks tonight. ‎
    3. a limiting friar ‎
    4. The idea of a supreme power which monopolizes legitimate violence is as much about limiting and restraining 'necropolitics' as it is about engaging in it.
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