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EN[ˈlæŋɡwɪdʒ] [ˈleɪŋɡwɪdʒ]

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  • Examples of language
    1. There's a lot of violence and bad language in this programme — are you sure it's going to be airable?
    2. The language of the Faerie Queene was made archaic Language:— in order to be in keeping with the chivalry of bygone ages that formed its subject.
    3. Hittite is a basal Indo-European language.
    4. batonic gestures in sign language
    5. What was that story about a human ambassador who went into space to learn the language of a huge betentacled alien, and finally learned it but gained tentacles in the bargain?
    6. In fact, the Language Research Center at Georgia State University has engaged in continuous social, cognitive and biobehavioral research on primates, including language training and research, since 1981.
    7. He speaks Brabantian with his schoolmates, and the standard language in the classroom and with unfamiliar teachers at the playground, a classic example of diglossia.
    8. a brachiomanual gesture in sign language
    9. Jane has been studying case in Caucasian languages.  Latin is a language that employs case. ‎
    10. Hausa is the most widely spoken Chadic language.
  • Examples of languages
    1. Mass lexical comparison is not a proven method for demonstrating relationships between languages.
    2. My nephew is a sharp lad; he can count to 100 in six languages, and he's only five years old. ‎
    3. Northeast Caucasian languages like Tsez and Bezhta have a subessive case.
    4. Many languages do not distinguish countable nouns from uncountable nouns.
    5. unexcelled at learning languages
    6. He was a perfect matter of the Greek, Latin and French languages; and, which is seldom known to happen, had at once such a prodigious memory, and unexhaustible fund of wit, as would have singly been admired, and much more united.
    7. Are sign languages writable?
    8. In alphabetically written languages the conventions governing the graphemic system G are intimately connected with those governing the phonemic system P
    9. We propose in this paper to use the comparison of genetically and areally unrelated languages in the study of universals of semantic change
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