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    1. The pieces’ lack of dance precision was part of their point, as was the way they seemed to flaunt a kind of unfocused and unrigorous intensity that in almost any academic-dance classroom would be considered bad style.
    2. Then, finished with this last in a series of fly-around press conferences, his untelegenic features reddened from the cold, Simon quipped as he strolled to the car: "It's kind of nice and pleasant out here."
    3. It is not the whiny, helpless, victimy kind of dependency.
    4. It happened on one o' dem zip-a-dee-doo-dah days. Now that's the kind of day when you can't open your mouth without a song jump right out of it.
    5. Another form of this kind of scepticism is as follows. Logic is apriori, but inductive "logic" is not, so it is not really logic.
    6. Is not this a proper kind of reasoning? is this the reverence due to the scriptures, thus babishly to abuse them?
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