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    1. In somatosensory neurons TRPM8 serves as a specific transducer channel for cold stimuli, a mechanism that would involve it in mechanonociception is not known [41 ].
    2. Most nanosizing approaches to obtain nanosuspensions involve bottom-up methods (such as microprecipitation and supercritical fluid methods) or top-down methods (such as wet-milling and high pressure homogenization) [19 –23 ].
    3. Again some persons are too right-handed (I question, indeed, whether one-handedness, whether right or left be chiefly employed, does not in all cases involve a loss of power).
    4. If climate-change predictions that involve an increase of temperature together with reductions in precipitation are borne out, the result will be a severe reduction of suitable areas for mallines in NW Patagonia [11 ,12 ].
    5. Fusion events in vivo, particularly in embryonic development, often involve the purse-string contraction of a pluricellular actomyosin cable at the free edge.
    6. That voyage will be far more comfortable and may involve some sightseeing if internal marketing is wired into organizational culture and strategy rather than something that is done from time to time depending upon the economic cycle.
  • Examples of involves
    1. This time, the product is more tied to mobile devices like the iPhone and involves “collecting” digital icons by (nondigitally) visiting certain spots in various cities.
    2. The procedure, sometimes called amniotomy, involves rupturing the amniotic membranes to speed contractions.
    3. The work involves extensive civils and p/w since, the track has to drop from the present embankment level, some 5m above the adjacent road, to the floor level of the new tunnel [the 'cut & cover' section of which, is, I guess, about 10m below it.
    4. She also submitted herself to daggering, the shameless, controversial dancehall dance maneuver that involves rapid-fire pelvic thrusts.
    5. The procedure, called needle aponeurotomy or percutaneous fasciotomy, involves using the bevel of a hypodermic needle to essentially shred the ropes of constricting fascia characteristic of Dupuytren’s disease.
    6. Applied to birding, the gis approach involves a deemphasis of separate field marks in favor of the gestalt, the essence that tells us a dog is a dog [ … ]
    7. Robert Louis Stevenson's "Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" involves a Gothic double.
    8. A handicap in chess often involves removal of the queen's rook. ‎
    9. The video game involves guiding a character on a skateboard past all kinds of hazards.
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    1. The case was unusual, she said, because it involved unpublished material (the exact circumstances of the interviews) from nonconfidential sources (the parents).
    2. TransCanada and Exxon are involved in another major Arctic pipeline, the long-stalled and overbudget Mackenzie Gas Project in northern Canada.
    3. A police-involved shooting is by definition a red ball and, by definition, a red ball requires every warm body.
    4. While no investment is risk-free, some have less risk involved than others.
    5. The senatorial investigation involved subpoenas and testimony before Congress and, of course, went nowhere.
    6. when a minor is involved, frequently tutelary powers acompany powers of attorney
    7. The fourth company involved in the purchase, the Upper Mississippi Company (formed by Thomas Scott after he had withdrawn the bid of the Virginia Yazoo Company), apparently restricted its largess to a few upcountry Georgians.
    8. The suspect was allegedly involved in the robbery, but his alibi placed him in another state at the time.
  • Examples of involving
    1. To explain these observations a model was developed involving stimulated radiative molecular association (SRMA) reactions among photons and atoms in the protosatellite disks of the planets.

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