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    1. Vergenne'fury reached its height when the priest tried to involve the English ambassador.
    2. Getting catfished is when someone falls for a person online who is not necessarily real. It can involve pictures, phone calls, social media profiles, text messages, e-mails and even phony friends or family members.
    3. This is supposed to be a darkfic? Darkfics tend to involve a great deal of suffering and/or death.
    4. Carbohydrates are bad? There are weight-loss schemes that involve avoiding them, and you don't want to go crazy on sugars unless you want diabeetus, but in general, i reckon they're okay.
    5. Many folk etymologies involve backronyms.
    6. The classic examples in physics involve relativity theory and quantum theory and the recognition of the indeterminisms underlying those required the genius of Einstein and of Heisenberg.
    7. Though surprised, I quickly explained that the problem was probably myopericarditis, where inflammation of the surrounding membrane can partially involve the heart muscle.
    8. 1819: “Thou seest, maiden, what an ill-fated wretch thou dost labour to assist; be wise, and let me go, ere the misfortunes which track my footsteps like slot-hounds, shall involve thee also in their pursuit.” — Walter Scott, Ivanhoe
  • Examples of involves
    1. My work involves a lot of travel. ‎
    2. The plan involves banks hiving off bad assets and investors buying them at a discount on hopes of turning a profit over time.
    3. But such evaluative diversity just is what reasonable pluralism about values involves.
    4. The eighth step in the pathway is conversion of boschnaloside to 8-epideoxy loganic acid which involves hydroxylation/oxidation reaction.
    5. The side effects of the treatment course, which involves surgery, craniospinal radiation therapy and intensive chemotherapy, are considerable.
    6. Applied to birding, the gis approach involves a deemphasis of separate field marks in favor of the gestalt, the essence that tells us a dog is a dog and a Le Conte's sparrow is a Le Conte's sparrow regardless of the details of their appearance.
  • Examples of involved
    1. "We were doing things like the Tibetan Book of the Dead [for] French peasants, and a Wilhelm Reich-influenced Romeo and Juliet that involved making prolonged sexual contact with the audience," he says in his nasal, edgy, unposh British accent.
    2. Crystallographic analysis of this region of the receptor has shown it to be involved in binding to the PAR1 antagonist vorapaxar, which binds to PAR1 to inhibit receptor activation by its tethered ligand.
    3. By understanding the processes involved in the development of the freeze-thaw enhanced freezing tolerance we have observed, it may be possible to identify plant lines especially effective in the development of the response with subsequent improved winterhardiness.
    4. One important function of granular keratinocytes is secretion of lamellar bodies (LB) content, including precursors of the intercorneocyte matrix and their processing enzymes, enzymes involved in desquamation (and their inhibitors), antimicrobial peptides, and corneodesmosin, a protein that reinforces desmosomes.
  • Examples of involving
    1. Douglas C. Neckers, who specializes in the synthesis of what are called photopolymerizable compounds, first thought about Roundup decades ago when he served as a consultant in a patent infringement case involving the chemical.
    2. As noted, the proximity of Met356 to Cys125 in tmNrdD is compatible with the reaction mechanism proposed for the majority of class III RNRs, involving a thiosulphuranyl radical [48 ].
    3. Deflategate – the biggest scandal involving underpressurised balls ever to engulf American football – parped its way ever more painfully towards a denouement last week.
    4. To explain these observations a model was developed involving stimulated radiative molecular association (SRMA) reactions among photons and atoms in the protosatellite disks of the planets.

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