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  • Examples of involved
    1. He became more extensively involved than he intended.
    2. He formally filed a complaint, which involved much paperwork.
    3. “Sure, I would want to get involved, but we’ve been premeditatively kept out of it,” Mr. Padavan said, adding that he would support a payroll tax but saw bridge tolls as problematic.
    4. His parents — a restless, titanically self-involved father and a mother who cultivated her inner life in strict solitude — seem a much likelier source for his condition.
    5. Another case involved an A3C "N."
    6. A comical Bendtner air-shot then brought ironic cheers from the 5,000 Huddersfield fans massed behind the Clock End goal, before the Dane was involved in a fortuitous Gunners' opening goal.
    7. The gentleman's original complaint was that his gifs (not anigifs) had been turned into anigifs. The answer you gave would be okay IF he only had one type of graphic involved.
    8. There's still plenty of narcissism involved in this autocritique.
  • Examples of more involved
    1. The services available vary widely, from basic tasks like mowing and edging walkways and flower beds to more involved work like trimming shrubs and bushes, applying fertilizer and pesticides, and dethatching, which removes layers of dead grass.
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