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    1. Genetic evidence based on the study of the RTS1 barrier suggest, that they are probably involved in the formation of a stably paused replisome-barrier-complex through the interaction with the staticly bound barrier proteins [15 ,26 ] (Fig 8 ).
    2. Line A involved a 121,000 ft 2 area, with downdraft laminar flow and flow-through ventilation from fab to subfab areas; the facility uses an open bay and chase design, such that SEGs may overlap within process bays or maintenance chases.
    3. These conflicting results (higher HDL-CE catabolism but unchanged SR-BI expression) suggest that NA affects other pathways involved in CE turnover and selective uptake, such as transintestinal cholesterol excretion.
    4. "We were doing things like the Tibetan Book of the Dead [for] French peasants, and a Wilhelm Reich-influenced Romeo and Juliet that involved making prolonged sexual contact with the audience," he says in his nasal, edgy, unposh British accent.
    5. Crystallographic analysis of this region of the receptor has shown it to be involved in binding to the PAR1 antagonist vorapaxar, which binds to PAR1 to inhibit receptor activation by its tethered ligand.
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    1. The services available vary widely, from basic tasks like mowing and edging walkways and flower beds to more involved work like trimming shrubs and bushes, applying fertilizer and pesticides, and dethatching, which removes layers of dead grass.
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