EN[ˈɪnt(ə)ɹɪsts] [ˈɪntɹɛsts]

    Examples of interests in a Sentence

  • Examples of interest
    1. Rising interest rates have kited the cost of housing. ‎
    2. As soon as the knobber started galloping, all the other stags, who. till now, had taken but a languid interest, if any, in his movements, jumped on to their feet.
    3. Though I do not wish to get bogged down in minutiae of interest only to fanatical Kubrickologists [ …]
    4. Every man's interest is his own lookout.
    5. Metalexicography can be divided into five fields of interest; the first is lexicographic theory [ …]
    6. The purpose of a neg is to lower a woman's self esteem while actively displaying a lack of interest in her—by telling her she has lipstick on her teeth, for example, or offering her a piece of gum after she speaks.
    7. By contrast, Ms. Minis pointed out, a nondescendant who had bought an interest in some land in the state’s wildlife management area was being allowed to swap it for a 60-year lease in Hog Hammock.
    8. His first letter was not a real offer, but an attempt to determine interest. ‎
    9. Passion fruit are added for visual interest.
    10. A slice of passion fruit was added to the dessert for visual interest.
  • Examples of interests
    1. Dull job, no interests, no dates. He's really in a rut.
    2. His lesson in Hamburg had taught him that a novus homo must not be arrogant when he enters the society of the scientocracy, and that he must not run himself rashly against vested interests.
    3. And even though I have gone on to find other interests, I remain at heart a "trufan."
    4. It beggars belief to suppose that corporate policies can always pursue the best interests of a company.
    5. As Ms Shafak summarises, “the state is privileged, all-powerful and yet paradoxically safeguarded as if it were a fragile entity in need of protection.” Between it and its citizens a gulf looms; conversely, officials elide its interests with their own.
    6. Clinton and I became peripherally involved with a pair of Leckford Road girls who, principally sapphic in their interests, would arrange for sessions of group frolic. Christopher Hitchens, Hitch-22
    7. "The tragedy of the commons" is that none wish to make sacrifices of their or their family's interests for the common good.
  • Examples of interested
    1. Since getting divorced, I’ve been going to bathhouses because I’m interested in exploring an alternative lifestyle.
    2. Some collectors are interested in the backcards as well as the toys themselves.
    3. Circle the jobs that you are interested in applying for.
    4. I sent out some feelers but they didn't seem interested.
    5. I floated the idea of free ice-cream on Fridays, but no one was interested.
    6. 2007 June, Gregory Mone, “Invention: A New Breed of Mouse”[1], Popular Science, volume 270, number 6, page 56: He pauses, as if hesitant to mention the godhead of computer design aloud, and adds, "Maybe even something Apple would be interested in."
  • Examples of interesting
    1. I'm not into slash, so I haven't read any of the Harry/Draco stuff, and I can ony[sic] tolerate so much "teen romance" but some of the longer Potterfic pieces have some VERY interesting ideas being expounded.
    2. This made whiff whaff, pom pom or gossima-as table tennis was known then—more active and interesting.
    3. I have too many friends in Philedom. It's going to be very interesting to see how we survive the 8th season and still keep our Internet communities in tact.[sic]
    4. It is interesting to note that genes belonging to the biosynthesis gene cluster of the secondary metabolite pseurotin A [36 ] (grouped in the ID 01.20) were specifically induced by caspofungin (Fig 2F and 2G ).
    5. Finally, it was interesting to note how "Patrick" included the pentecostalists in his list of the many derelicts and misfits that roam the hallways of the school.
    6. Again, for New York to have a stagione house is an interesting departure.
    7. What I found turned out to be one of the best beer-drinking destinations I’d visited in Europe, a friendly and undertouristed city of about 750,000 inhabitants — large enough to be interesting, though still walkable.
    8. This is an interesting trick, but I include it with some reluctance because it requires one very quick-handed juggler, and since quick-handedness and klutziness are not often associated, this might create a problem.

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