EN[ˈɪnt(ə)ɹɪsts] [ˈɪntɹɛsts]

    Examples of interests in a Sentence

  • Examples of interest
    1. I believe this will pique your interest.
    2. I made the point that we all had an interest to protect.
    3. You are always talking about your clothes, but that is not in my possession of interest.
    4. The power factor is of interest because it is a measure of the power which does useful work.
    5. The public purse should be spent in the public interest.
    6. For after all Sweden can have no interest in allowing a quatrumvirate to put hands on the whole of Europe. — Claude-François Méneval, Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte, the Court of the First Empire (1910)
    7. to rise in force of expression; to rise in eloquence;   a story rises in interest. ‎
    8. The usual rule of thumb says that to calculate when an investment will double, divide 70 by the interest rate.
    9. Economists expect a run-up of long-term interest rates.
  • Examples of interests
    1. The United States is a democratic country, as the citizens are allowed to choose leaders to represent their interests. ‎
    2. 2003 Winchester, Simon, The Meaning of Everything; The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary, New York: Oxford University Press. p72: He was omnivorous in his appetite for knowledge, quite catholic in his range of interests […]
    3. This is, of course, only one of the many instances in which the interests of the possessionless sex and the possessionless class tend to coincide.
    4. More surprising than the company′s activities and interests were those of the premier of Ontario, Mitchell Hepburn.
    5. Mr. Freeman prefers smaller yet still diversified companies with stronger growth profiles than the supermajors, like Apache, which has interests in natural gas as well as oil, and Occidental Petroleum, which produces oil, gas and chemicals.
    6. One single individual, amidst a vast empire nearly overthrown, surveys its danger with steady eye: he measures, he appreciates it, and ventures, perhaps uncommissioned, to devote all the public and private interests a sacrifice to it.
  • Examples of interested
    1. The old woman was surprised when the soldiers stopped to look at her camouflage quilts, since menfolk are rarely interested in needlework.
    2. Spectator rowdiness and movement during matches is considered part of the “modern era of tennis” and good for the game, attracting nonfans interested in the spectacle.
    3. Passifan: The "unawakened" Fan, interested now only in reading the magazines and books; not yet participating in any activities.
    4. Hey, thanks for the drink, but if this is a pick up, I'm not interested.
    5. Hey, thanks for the drink, but if this is a pickup, I'm not interested.
    6. 2009. If you collect postal history, or are interested in discovering more about this fascinating branch of philately, you will find information here to help you.
    7. Many of the emerging powerhouses of globalization, like Brazil, are interested in democracy and the rule of law, but not in the preachments of the West, which they regard as laced with hypocrisy.
  • Examples of interesting
    1. We got interesting results after feeding the computer with the new data. ‎
    2. A garbologist forages through waste paper baskets in search of interesting documents.
    3. I have a pierced cock - PA - and a geish piercing which makes the cup ever more interesting. My geish is just inside the tail of the cup. This gives me some sensations that are different from the ordinary.
    4. It’s interesting how Catholic and Buddhist monks both wear habits. ‎
    5. The Ivorian is a player with such a liking for improvisation it does not usually look like he has any more idea than anyone else what he is going to do next, so it was an interesting choice.
    6. I cannot honestly report that I have ever seen a feline matron of this class washing her face when in an interesting condition.
    7. In addition to such cases as the kephir and ginger-beer plants (figs. 19, 20), where anaerobic bacteria are associated with yeasts, several interesting examples of symbiosis among bacteria are now known.

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