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  • Examples of instrument
    1. to thrust anything with the hand or foot, or with an instrument
    2. to touch an instrument of music ‎
    3. the value of a word; the value of a legal instrument
    4. The human voice is the oldest musical instrument in history.
    5. While this is longer it is both clearer to understand and to implement as a webform where the user will select an instrument.
    6. wind-instrument manufacturer
    7. To increase the understanding of what the mouth of a yidaki player is actually doing, Hollenberg organised to have magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans done of him playing the instrument.
    8. The zitherns and mandolins have forms to match their pretty names, but the soul of the musical instrument abides elsewhere than in its body, and informs it only to the ear.
  • Examples of instruments
    1. Many school music teachers and directors are not primarily clarinetists and, knowing little of the subtle intricacies of this "bad boy" of instruments, can teach little more than the fingering.
    2. Here standard acoustic instruments are played in ways that suggest electronic sound: violins whir and buzz, woodwinds produce a toneless breathiness and a gentle tapping evokes a heartbeat.
    3. In a liquidity crisis, some securities lose their claim to being cash instruments.
    4. The work is scored for an unusual lineup of 15 instruments, including two violas, bass flute, two basset horns, contrabass clarinet, the cimbalon and banjo.
    5. Among the ensemble’s strange, outmoded, “original” instruments — the feral horns, sour violins, wooden flutes, cellos without endpins — she seemed right at home, despite her Broadway provenance.
    6. The band played ceaselessly. Even when the other instruments were resting the pianist kept up his monotonous vamping, with a dreary furbelow for embellishment here and there, to which some few of the dancers continued to shuffle round the floor.
    7. a graduator of instruments
  • Examples of instrumented
    1. a sonata instrumented for orchestra
    2. After cleaning the surgical areas with iodopovidone, the swine were then instrumented with a right internal jugular pulmonary artery catheter through an 8 French introducer, a right femoral vein 10 French introducer and a right femoral artery triple lumen catheter.
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