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    1. There will also be a short set by Roberto Corona and Stefano Pinna, who'll play the launeddas, an ancient Sardinian triple-reed instrument that produces a bagpipelike drone.
    2. A gently droning main theme on a dulcimerlike instrument sets the mood as other instruments enter with delicate sliding figurations, speckled bursts of percussion and sustained chords that sound entrancingly off-pitch.
    3. At present, no single instrument can replace excisional biopsies for obtaining information.
    4. The coquette, therefore, I must distinguish by that musical instrument which is commonly known by the name of a Kit, that is more jiggish than the Fiddle itself, and never sounds but to dance. — Tatler.
    5. a lutelike instrument
    6. A microscope is an optical instrument.
    7. an otacoustic instrument
    8. a pneumatic instrument or engine
    9. He sounds the instrument.
  • Examples of instruments
    1. The work is scored for an unusual lineup of 15 instruments, including two violas, bass flute, two basset horns, contrabass clarinet, the cimbalon and banjo.
    2. Among the ensemble’s strange, outmoded, “original” instruments — the feral horns, sour violins, wooden flutes, cellos without endpins — she seemed right at home, despite her Broadway provenance.
    3. The band played ceaselessly. Even when the other instruments were resting the pianist kept up his monotonous vamping, with a dreary furbelow for embellishment here and there, to which some few of the dancers continued to shuffle round the floor.
    4. a graduator of instruments
    5. The dentist set down his tray of instruments. The scientist recorded the temperature with a thermometer but wished he had a more accurate instrument."
    6. Negotiable instruments are the foundation of the debt markets.
    7. Its great development, as well as the use of many small instruments (kithara, flute, etc.), go far to prove that music must have formed a larger part of woman's domestic life than the actual records show.
  • Examples of instrumented
    1. a sonata instrumented for orchestra
    2. After cleaning the surgical areas with iodopovidone, the swine were then instrumented with a right internal jugular pulmonary artery catheter through an 8 French introducer, a right femoral vein 10 French introducer and a right femoral artery triple lumen catheter.
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