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    1. The workers went all-out in order to finish the job on time.
    2. He married an American woman in order to get an American passport.
    3. The language of the Faerie Queene was made archaic Language:— in order to be in keeping with the chivalry of bygone ages that formed its subject.
    4. In order to avoid race conditions, this operation has to be atomic
    5. For this scene, a large number of supers are engaged, and in order to further swell the crowd, practically all the available stage hands have to ‘walk on’ dressed in various coloured dominoes, and all wearing masks.
    6. We used barbless fishhooks in the catch-and-release stream, in order to alleviate damage to the fish.
    7. Rivera retired the next three batters in order, with third baseman Alex Rodriguez contributing a nifty barehand pickup and throw on Julio Lugo’s roller.
    8. Interpreters need a good amount of cultural capital in order to function efficiently in the profession. ‎
    9. The pain and heat, by degrees derive a vast flux of blood and humors which distend all the circumadjacent vessels, in order to quench the incendium.
    10. In order to checkmate a king on the side of the board, the five squares adjacent to the king must all be covered. ‎
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