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    1. The "breasts" of marble which unite the opposite lateral walls have been left standing in order to prevent a possible cave of the wall on either side.
    2. In order to get to town, I decided to go on the bus
    3. Hearty congratulations are in order to Selma for her successful completion of the curriculum. / Hear, hear!
    4. The 0ffice of Production Management, the 0PM, has directed the 0ffice of Civilian Defense to conduct and "Aluminum Shower". In other words, we are to collect all the available old aluminum in order to turn it over to the Government.
    5. Human education joined to that of nature, may make a good citizen, a skilful artizan, or a well-bred man; but a higher power is wanting in order to produce a Bacon or a Newton.
    6. In order to change the bearing, you must first remove the gearbox assembly.
    7. A diver who stays deep for too long must ascend very slowly in order to prevent the bends. ‎
    8. to bitt the cable, in order to fasten it or to slacken it gradually, which is called veering away
    9. A release schedule determines how much of the loan must be paid off in order to have a lot released from the blanket lien.
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