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    1. Like any arthropod encased in a rigid exoskeleton, a trilobite must periodically moult, or exuviate, in order to grow.
    2. Smith, who’s still mulling over ways that she can “go Galt,” sees a possibility for a moral stand. During the Iraq War, she read about a painter who’d painted less, reducing his income, in order to dodge taxes and thereby make sure he didn’t fund the war.
    3. In the crisis, the company was forced to reduce its costs in order to avoid going under.
    4. In order to lay a foundation for the witness to describe the murder, the prosecutor first had to show that the witness was present when the murder occurred.
    5. "What did the test say, Doc?" / "I think it's time for you to be putting your affairs in order."
    6. The judge gave him ten days to put his affairs in order before beginning his sentence.
    7. The bank robber decided to take a hostage in order to raise the stakes.
    8. The project was rescoped in order to meet the deadline.
    9. The project had to be stripped down to the core elements in order to hit the budget.
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