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  • Examples of illness
    1. Officials are investigating whether the illness was caused by mycoplasma, a common bacteria known as walking pneumonia.
    2. Studies have shown that NEETs are usually between the ages of 18 to 40 years and may be the victims of family breakdown and mental illness, lack of discipline also contributes to the problem.
    3. The papacy of John Paul II ended in 2005, after the pope's long battle with illness ended.
    4. "Although the elderly man had some terrible turn of events before him, as well as mounting pain from his illness, he did not ever complain or pule."
    5. The defibrillator and resynchronization devices are commonly used in patients with serious heart failure, and doctors wondered if patients with mild illness might benefit.
    6. Getting a flu shot is a good safeguard against illness.
    7. After my doctor told me that my illness was psychosomatic, I sought a second opinion.
    8. He's lost so much weight from illness; he's a shell of his former self.
    9. The illness sidelined him for weeks.
    10. He is in the recovery stage of his illness. ‎
  • Examples of illnesses
    1. Research shows that depression is often comorbid with other psychiatric and physical illnesses
    2. My high blood pressure and high cholesterol are metrogenic illnesses.
    3. But this study, of 13,116 Canadian children, found that the risk of asthma increased even in children treated with antibiotics for nonrespiratory illnesses in the first year of life.
    4. Fascinated with the island’s bugs that cause Lyme disease and other illnesses, he traps greenhead flies, and plucks ticks off deer that hunters shoot, shipping bottled bugs to mainland researchers.
    5. Many people have suffered from colds, the sniffles and other childhood illnesses.
    6. Philosophical and biological questions aside, mental illnesses cost billions in health care costs, disability benefits, economic underproductivity, the criminal justice system and foster care, among others.
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