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EN[ˈhjuːmɚ] [ˈjuːmɚ] [ˈçuː.mə(ɹ)] [hjuː.mə(ɹ)] [-uːmə(ɹ)]

    Examples of humour in a Sentence

  • Examples of humour
    1. DB okay for one time laughs. at the crass, guttery humour.
    2. One Sunday afternoon a friendly orthoepical difference of this nature arose even as Mrs. Maper sat in her palatial drawing room waiting for callers, and they repaired to the library, Mrs. Maper arguing the point with loud good humour.
    3. He knows zero about humour. ‎
    4. With female adaptiveness she fell in with his humour, and looked at the world through his eyes.
    5. He was in a particularly vile humour that afternoon. ‎
    6. She has a great sense of humour, and I always laugh a lot whenever we get together. ‎
    7. The sensitive subject was treated with humour, but in such way that no one was offended. ‎
  • Examples of humours
    1. "And it wad far better become ye, Mr. Saddletree," continued his helpmate, "since ye say ye hae skeel o' the law, to try if ye can do onything for Effie Deans, puir thing, that's lying up in the tolbooth yonder, cauld, and hungry, and comfortless--A servant lass of ours, Mr. Butler, and as innocent a lass, to my thinking, and as usefu' in the shop--When Mr. Saddletree gangs out,--and ye're aware he's seldom at hame when there's ony o' the plea-houses open,--poor Effie used to help me to tumble the bundles o' barkened leather up and down, and range out the gudes, and suit a' body's humours--And troth, she could aye please the customers wi' her answers, for she was aye civil, and a bonnier lass wasna in Auld Reekie.
    2. secretitious humours
    3. Were the humours of the eye tinctured with any colour, they would refund that colour upon the object. — Ray.
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