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  • Examples of happen
    1. It served me right, because as an unreligious, unsuperstitious, un-New-Age secular cynic, I ought to know that miracles do not happen, just random events that usually end badly.
    2. Take an umbrella in case it happens to rain. ‎
    3. Do you happen to have an umbrella? ‎
    4. A course it might happen that th' hull kit-an'-boodle might start an' run, if some big fightin' come first-off, an' then a'gin, they might stay an' fight like fun.
    5. What if we could learn to get along? What would happen then?
    6. The novel Alice in Wonderland describes a place where random things happen all willy-nilly.
    7. For that to happen now is incredibly unlikely. (=It is incredibly unlikely that that will happen now.)
    8. Lady O'Dowd is also so attached to it that, she says, if anything were to happen to Mick, bedad she'd come back and marry some of 'em.
    9. Erm, I don't think that was supposed to happen.
    10. Gasp! What will happen next?
  • Examples of happens
    1. It's a localized phenomenon: it only happens around non-sceptics.
    2. She just happens to have both in her dressing room, a personalized nook she has decorated with an Oriental theme: hanging paper lanterns, tiny colored lights and a pricey obelisklike lamp from a splurge downtown at the Pearl River shop.
    3. If a performant happens to be on unfriendly terms with any one in the village, the performant does everything to get him reconciled long before the preparation is taken in hand.
    4. I have my guitar with me in the car, as it happens. I'll go and get it.
    5. A. "You won't know Paris, I suppose." B. As it happens, I went to university there!
    6. An ebullient woman aswirl in colorful layers of bargain-basement clothes and zany hats, Barbara Siegel also happens to be chairwoman of the Drama Desk nominating committee.
    7. Take an umbrella in case it happens to rain. ‎
    8. OK, have it your way, format the hard disk and see what happens.
    9. But how, pray tell, do you "notice" something that happens when you're asleep?
    10. It'll be a cold day in hell when that happens.
  • Examples of happened
    1. What happened? You look 10 lbs. lighter!
    2. I pulled the trigger, but nothing happened. I had forgotten to load the gun.
    3. I was astounded by her magnanimousness: she had clearly forgiven him for everything that had happened.
    4. They made nice together, as if their fight never happened. ‎
    5. “I just said to the boys that when Australia won in Newport, they were 3-1 down, and we all know what happened there,” said Matt Mason, Team New Zealand’s mastman.
    6. Nancy was a matricide, it happened four years ago.
    7. My eyes misted when I remembered what had happened.
    8. You get no prize for guessing what happened when the spider landed on her plate.
  • Examples of happening
    1. What is happening to cause these burnlike skin lesions?
    2. an equinoctial gale or storm, i.e. one happening at or near the time of the equinox, in any part of the world
    3. This is a happening place tonight!
    4. He is a real happening guy.
    5. No doubt, too, Sand must have hipped him quietly in a whisper somewhere what was happening with the lover
    6. "People see what's happening and they say 'Hey, this community is coming back.' So they come to the bank for a mortgage to buy one of the smaller multiunits, or a home.
    7. Without my glasses, I could only blurrily see what was happening.
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