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  • Examples of happen
    1. 2005: Drop-ins can and do happen by accident, as well as through frustration and confusion in a crowded lineup. — surfline.com Surfology [1]
    2. A round of applause to Lawrence Downes for pointing out that the premature eroticization of young girls could never happen if their parents woke up and thought about the behavior they’re tolerating — and outright encouraging.
    3. It all inspired me to write this sort of mini futurefic, a look at what might happen when what we once knew is gone.
    4. No way on God's green earth is that going to happen.
    5. Imagine what might happen if it were possible to harness solar energy fully. ‎
    6. Who knows what will happen to his billions when the eighty-five-year-old kicks
    7. I know that I’m right and you’re wrong.  He knew something terrible was going to happen. ‎
  • Examples of happens
    1. But what happens more often is that media “greenwashes” dirty energy sources (coal, gas, nuclear power) as “clean”—a particularly dangerous notion because it belies the threat they pose to our planet and human health.
    2. Errors are more frequent when the play happens on an in-between hops.
    3. But what happens if they build a better mousetrap?
    4. Do they tell a person (as happens in one corporation) that they won't look at any report unless it is “PowerPointed”?
    5. The dance text of “Fille,” as happens with all ballets, underwent a few reaccentuations and adjustments during Ashton’s lifetime.
  • Examples of happened
    1. Anyone I would be interested in would have to be a pretty special person. I wouldn't want to miss out on knowing such a person just because xe happened to be the "wrong" sex.
    2. Her eyes clouded over with grief as we told her what had happened.
    3. The memory leak happened because we forgot to destroy the temporary lists.
    4. With all that had happened, she had lost track of the time.
    5. It means he may have misrecollected what happened.”
    6. The detective painstakingly collected clues to piece together what happened that tragic night.
    7. I relive that horrible accident every night and wake screaming, just as I screamed when it happened.
  • Examples of happening
    1. There's a disconnect between what they think is happening and what is really going on.
    2. Before I knew what was happening, I'd jack-knifed the truck like nobody's business.
    3. Before I knew what was happening, I'd jack-knifed.
    4. It’s hard to say which is worse: the press-on smiles favored by many a ballet dancer, or the stony “I’m going to pretend this isn’t happening to me” miens often found in contemporary troupes like White Road.
    5. How often is this happening? I don't think anyone knows. It must be costing a motza and that's a real concern.
    6. Some of our gentlemen officers, happening to stop at a tavern, or rather a sort of grogshop, took such a seasoning that two or three of them became “quite frisky.”
    7. The geologic record registers a number of other things happening around the time of this superwave passage.
    8. There's a lot of sportsing happening in Brazil this summer. ‎ [said of the 2014 FIFA World Cup]
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