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EN[ɡɹaʊnd] [-aʊnd]

    Examples of ground in a Sentence

  • Examples of ground
    1. Ground-breaking technology.
    2. Thy humble nest built on the ground. -Cowley.
    3. Hypogenic caves are formed by water rising from below ground.
    4. With rain lashing across the ground at kick-off and every man in Auckland seemingly either English-born or supporting Scotland, Eden Park was transformed into Murrayfield in March.
    5. We saw how in 'Epipsychidion' he rejected monogamic principles on the ground that true love is increased, not diminished, by division, and we can now understand why he calls this theory an "eternal law."
    6. At 8, being high water, hauld her bow close ashore, but Keept her stern afloat, because I was afraid of Neaping her, and yet it was necessary to lay the whole of her as near the ground as possible.
    7. Almost indistinguishable from the earlier 115-horse airplane, the new model is designed from the ground up to go nose-to-nose with big-engine, high-performance kit planes.
  • Examples of grounds
    1. Grounds are usually put up first and the plastering floated flush with them.
    2. The hills here, and indeed all the heathy grounds in general, abound with the sweet-smelling plant which the Highlanders call gaul, and (I think) with dwarf juniper in many places.
    3. Having an incompetent lawyer may be grounds for a retrial, but the lawyer in question probably doesn't know that.
    4. On this ground, if not on all manner of other grounds, it may be truly said, the "Organization of Labor" (not organizable by the mad methods tried hitherto) is the universal vital Problem of the world.
    5. For in the Church of God sometimes it cometh to pass as in over-battle grounds, the fertile disposition whereof is good. ― Hooker.
    6. The pansied grounds
    7. The judge dismissed the case on procedural grounds; it wasn't the facts or the law, it was just they hadn't filed the correct forms.
    8. The deluxe superautomatic coffee makers can grind the beans, select the quantity of milk and discard the spent coffee grounds, all at the touch of a button.
  • Examples of grounded
    1. Because of the bad weather, all flights were grounded.
    2. Jim was grounded in maths.
    3. Jones grounded to second in his last at-bat.
    4. The ship grounded on the bar.
    5. Dude, I helluv want to go to the show with you, but I'm soooo grounded.
    6. When my parents grounded me, I had a burst of parricidal thoughts, but I eventually got over it.
    7. Unlike coaxial cable where the outer conductor is grounded, twisted pair is usually ungrounded.
    8. a familially-grounded culture
    9. "Why is he grounded?" / "Went to a underwear option party up in Natchitoches. That boy, he is some kind of wild."
  • Examples of grounding
    1. A house's distribution panel should always be bonded to the grounding rods via a panel bond.
    2. He wouldn't tell us what happened at school for love or money, nor on pain of grounding.
    3. By grounding to the shortstop, the twin killing ended the inning.
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