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    Examples of go to in a Sentence

  • Examples of go to
    1. She's very introverted. She'd rather stay home with a good book than go to a party with people.
    2. We were not left go to the beach after school except on a weekend.
    3. I like to go to the dentist every six months;  She likes to keep herself physically fit;  we like to keep one around the office just in case ‎
    4. I mean to go to Baddeck this summer. ‎
    5. I might go to the party, but I haven't decided yet. ‎
    6. He asked me if he might go to the party, but I haven't decided yet. ‎
    7. “When I’m downloading an Internet, to do an e-mail, for sending, how do I make it go to your stepmother?” the dad asks his son, a Mac-user with moppy, Robby Benson hair.
    8. Now all the children have grown up and left, the house is very quiet.   Now that my sister has gotten rid of their cat, we can go to her house this coming Thanksgiving. ‎
    9. I only had half an hour for lunch, and I had to go to the bank as well as collect the car from the garage. This meant I had to eat on the run today.
    10. On an ordinary day I wake up at nine o'clock, work for six hours, and then go to the gym. ‎
  • Examples of goes to
    1. My Ahmadi Muslim friend always goes to his local masjid to pray.
    2. As Mother Jones goes to press, the masked, web-slinging wall-crawler is busy foiling a computer technician's evil designs to brainwash people through subliminal advertising in video games.
    3. He goes to the park to come away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
    4. He'll be the one who goes to the wall when it's needed.
    5. I've hearn it said that when a man has eaten a hearty dinner, and goes to sleep with the hot sun pourin' right down on him, he's apt to see and hear a good many strange things before he wakes up.
  • Examples of went to
    1. Fifth place went to the newcomer “Untraceable” (Sony), the horror thriller starring Diane Lane as an F.B.I. cyberwizard.
    2. However all Hennessey's good work went to waste on 52 minutes when he dawdled on the ball.
    3. She went to great expense to ensure her children would get the best education.
    4. They went to the park and had a field day playing on the swings.
    5. She went to the river to fish for trout.
    6. King John went to battle with ten thousand foot and one thousand horse. ‎
    7. We went to gather some blackberries from the nearby lane.
    8. Marc went to the park with his girlfriend and watched the sunset with her.
    9. He gleaned a living from newspaper work for a few months, but in the summer went to a fishing village […] where […] he wrote his great historical drama, "Master Olof." (Translators Edith and Warner Oland on author August Strindberg.)
    10. I go to school at the schoolhouse.   She went to Yale.   They only go to church on Christmas. ‎
  • Examples of gone to
    1. It's gone to buggery.
    2. "No," said Pauline sadly, "they've gone to New Zealand,--mamma got quite ill with nursing us, and daddie got it too, and he wouldn't come up here."
    3. Perhaps it has gone to the dog heaven, and is wagging somewhere in glory.
    4. He's gone to the toilet for a Jodrell.
    5. gone to London to work and had left her mansionette flat empty. The mansionettes stood on high ground overlooking the docks.
    6. Most of the attention lately has gone to the scoundrels, scam artists and supposedly genius moneymen who have dragged us into the worst economic debacle ever experienced by any American under the age of 70.
    7. "About 1730 the poet and squireen Huw Hughes wrote to the great scholar Lewis Morris that all the defenders of the old language had gone to sleep." - Prys Morgan, in "The Invention of Tradition"
    8. The only reason why I haven't gone to university is because I can't afford it. ‎
    9. In The New Yorker 80 years ago, Lou Gehrig was portrayed as an unsophisticate and a mama’s boy once rumored to have gone to the movies with a “red-cheeked German girl who wore a bunch of flowers in her hat.”
  • Examples of going to
    1. There, there. Everything is going to turn out all right.
    2. Normally I stay at home in the evening, but this evening I'm going to the movies.
    3. ten to ten = 9:50; We're going to leave at ten to (the hour).
    4. There's no way I'm going to clean up after you. ‎
    5. What shirt are you going to wear?
    6. What about going to a restaurant tonight? ‎
    7. When she saw several boys carrying a huge wooden case full of porcelain, she mumbled to Jinming that she was going to have a look, and left the room.
    8. "I'm going to clean your whole house." "As if!"
    9. I'm going to give each of you a chance to win. ‎
    10. I'm going to see our Terry for tea. ‎
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