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EN[ˈfɝnɪʃ] [ˈfɜːnɪʃ]

    Examples of furnish in a Sentence

  • Examples of furnish
    1. Smith’s diene is quite a reactive dienophile, reacting with cyclopentadiene in refluxing chloroform to furnish a mixture of stereoisomeric adducts by exclusive reaction at the β-face of the cyclobutene π-center.
    2. This enabled an unconscientious builder to furnish bulky architectural masses, which presented a specious aspect of solidity and looked more costly than they really were.
    3. to furnish a family with provisions;  to furnish the mind with ideas ‎
    4. How he has escaped marriage until now I cannot tell: the number of caps set in his direction would furnish a warehouse. — Patrick O'Brian, "HMS Surprise".
    5. If that be all, then cheare thy drooping lookes, For I will furnish thee with such supplies: Let some of those thy followers goe with me, And they shall haue what thing so ere thou needst.
  • Examples of furnishes
    1. A work is objectively tedious when it contains the defect in question; that is to say, when its author has no perfectly clear thought or knowledge to communicate. For if a man has any clear thought or knowledge in him, his aim will be to communicate it, and he will direct his energies to this end; so that the ideas he furnishes are everywhere clearly expressed. The result is that he is neither diffuse, nor unmeaning, nor confused, and consequently not tedious.
  • Examples of furnished
    1. A dull room fadedly furnished. — Dickens.
    2. the pommel is furnished with dees.
    3. fully-furnished efficiencies
    4. It took a lot of effort to find a decent-sized, fully-furnished apartment within walking distance of the office.   He made a conscious effort to not appear affected by the stories in the paper. ‎
    5. IT is deſigned, that the Countery ſhall be furnished once a moneth ( or if any Glut of Occurrences happen, oftener, ) with an Account of ſuch conſiderable things as have arrived unto our Notice.
    6. Of cheese and butter we had a sufficient supply; and the yellow corn-meal which we had brought for the teams furnished sheetful after sheetful of johnny-cake, which Aunt Olive split, toasted, and buttered well, as a groundwork for the white monkey.
  • Examples of furnishing
    1. The furnishing of this Blue Room was solid and Victorian, it having been the GHQ of my Uncle Tom's late father, who liked things substantial. There was a four-poster bed, [...]
    2. casting couch: This refers to the alleged practice by some Hollywood producers and directors of furnishing an office with a couch, upon which would-be actresses perform special services in return for casting consideration...
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