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EN[fɔː] [fɔɹ] [fo(ː)ɹ] [foə] [-əʊə(r)] [-ɔː(ɹ)]

    Examples of four in a Sentence

  • Examples of four
    1. A plant with four petals and six stamens is anisomerous.
    2. the four-armed creature.
    3. As pageants go, this one was short (about four blocks, one hour) and friendly in a fringey, attitudinous way.
    4. A body coloured centre pillar signalled the arrival of an electronic four-speed auto, slight suspension revisions and minor trim changes. ‎
    5. It is a banner achievement for an athlete to run a mile in under four minutes.
    6. a four-barreled shotgun
    7. A lintel or beam may have four inches of bearing upon the wall.
  • Examples of fours
    1. All the fives are over there in the corner, next to the fours.
    2. Do you have any more fours? I want to make this a little taller.
    3. I'll take the threes, fours and fives and go to the playground.
    4. I'll just go to the lumberyard and buy some more two by fours so we can finish building this.
    5. All the threes will go in Mrs. Smith's class, while I'll take the fours and fives.
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