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EN[fɔː] [fɔɹ] [fo(ː)ɹ] [foə] [-əʊə(r)] [-ɔː(ɹ)]

    Examples of four in a Sentence

  • Examples of four
    1. Nancy was a matricide, it happened four years ago.
    2. Volunteers are provided with a meal ticket for every four hours of service.
    3. Four years have passed since the meltdown at the Chernobyl nuclear plant, but the grim legacy of the Soviet catastrophe is still unfolding. [1]
    4. Vizio’s compact speaker combo features four three-inch high-efficiency midbass drivers and two three-quarter-inch high-performance tweeters.
    5. This cheerful miniretrospective of his die-cut vinyl decals (the gallery’s four walls are covered with them, floor to ceiling) updates Op Art aesthetics in a way that seems in step with the art world’s current cash-and-carry moment.
    6. There are 86 ELLs in the four minischools at the Columbus campus, but few if any have been receiving the required level of English-fluency classes because those minischools do not offer them.
    7. I probably gave another three or four minisessions just sitting around talking shop.
  • Examples of fours
    1. All the fives are over there in the corner, next to the fours.
    2. Do you have any more fours? I want to make this a little taller.
    3. I'll take the threes, fours and fives and go to the playground.
    4. I'll just go to the lumberyard and buy some more two by fours so we can finish building this.
    5. All the threes will go in Mrs. Smith's class, while I'll take the fours and fives.
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