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    1. ...to begin in this vacation the foundation of a trifling subject which might shroud in his leaves the abusive enormities of these our times.
    2. Finished drawings sometimes were kept as prototypes for paintings and as objects of connoisseurial delectation, but generally they served as the underlying, invisible foundation for paintings.
    3. That worries the government, which fears that environmental activism could become the foundation for more general political opposition.
    4. His inscrutable theories would years later become the foundation of a whole new science.
    5. The foundation was delivered separately in preinsulated concrete slabs, and builders are finishing the interior and exterior details on site.
    6. The foundation stems from a state law that allowed Empire Blue Cross-Blue Shield to become a profitmaking company.
  • Examples of foundations
    1. But the ambitious project requires Related to spend about $2 billion to erect platforms, columns and foundations over a working railyard before it can build the first tower.
    2. When he gave to the sea his decree, that the waters should not pass his commandment: when he appointed the foundations of the earth:
    3. Further, in making him a slave, he does not merely unhumanize one individual, but UNIVERSAL MAN. He destroys the foundations.
    4. The founders did more than "make bricks without straw; they dreamed of a great cathedral and laid the foundations for it.

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