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EN[fɑʊnd] [-aʊnd]

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  • Examples of found
    1. There is no deadman to be found at Deadman's Curve.
    2. You will be in deep water if you are found copying from other dictionaries.
    3. The soldiers found a variety of creative uses for their payment scrip after its defacement to scrap paper; some used it as toilet paper.
    4. We did some detective work and found out that the water was getting in through a cracked pipe.
    5. Prior to the war divi-divi was exported to Hamburg almost exclusively; in the past few years, however, it has found a ready market in New York.
    6. I arrived just after the meeting had started and found myself dobbed in to take the minutes.
    7. A surprise inspection of the night shift found that some workers were dogging it.
  • Examples of founded
    1. 21 SATURDAY Thirty-nine years ago, Margaret Burroughs founded the DuSable Museum of History and Art on the first floor of her South Michigan Avenue greystone, with the pantry serving as its library.
    2. An application for guardianship must be founded on two medical recommendations, the procedure being similar to an application for admission for treatment.
    3. If you were, you would have no carriages to ride in, and your daughters would be what Martha and Mary and Lydia and Dorcas were, and their title to ladyhood founded on their degrees of goodness." "
    4. They [ … ] founded manufacturies of cotton cloths; contracted for the crops of produce at very high prices; offered rewards and, in short, they put in motion every partial resources they were able to avail themselves of and their limited means allowed.
    5. Cross-cultural meldings of Eastern and Western dance styles and aesthetics must have been unusual and perhaps somewhat exotic when the Saeko Ichinohe Dance Company was founded in 1970.
    6. [F]urther south in Kent, there was St. Mildred, whose mother, in 670, founded the minster that still stands there in good nick, with nine nuns who are an ever-present help in trouble to all religions and none.
    7. Founded in 1967 as a private, nonprofit science center, Talcott attracts thousands of students from the region to its daylong and weekend sessions to supplement their regular science curriculum
    8. Founded in 1975 and led by the violinist Richard Tognetti since 1989, the orchestra looks youthful and hip onstage, its players clad in varying shades of black semiformality.
  • Examples of founding
    1. The founding fathers of our country.
    2. the founding of the republic
    3. The apocalyptic theology of the Jehovah's Witnesses is not as popular today as other fundamentalist beliefs, but their founding and history are typical of other neotraditionalist sects.
    4. The United Nations had 77 founding members.
    5. Kirk Stan founding artist member of the Contemporary gallery and Edward L. Carroll the Church Drama guild pitched a hooray for hollywood costume party
    6. 1994, Daniel Evan Weiss, The Roaches Have No King, ISBN 9781852423261, page 4 : Since the founding of the colony it had been a tradition to unload oothecae – egg sacs – in the cabinets so the younglings would be near the principal food stocks.
    7. But it would be hard to fill a schoolbus with New Yorkers who know Robert Livingston, one of the lesser founding fathers, and George Clinton, not the guy with Parliament Funkadelic, but the other one who was Thomas Jefferson’s vice president.
    8. There was a musician on tabla and tamboura, Ed Feldman, a reminder that Ms. Coltrane made music for Vedic meditation for about half her life, eventually founding an ashram in Southern California.
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