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EN[ˈfɔɹmɚli] [ˈfɔːməli]

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    1. One now scarce counted a rhythmer, formerly admitted for a poet. — Fuller.
    2. The Sling is also a weapon of great antiquity, formerly in high estimation among the ancients.
    3. I had to substitute old parts with the new ones. (This usage was formerly proscribed.)
    4. The sarcomatous testicle, for example, as it was formerly called, in conformity with the nomenclature of the English surgeon, is merely a chronic enlargement of that organ, the result of inflammatory deposits and supernutrition of its proper structures.
    5. Judea was formerly divided into ten toparchies.
    6. connection (connect); also, especially formerly, connexion
    7. The pumps now draw water from this tank, instead of from the "Croton main" as formerly.
    8. These ratios agree quite well with those in the variety formerly called mesole or faröelite.
    9. Within Panicoideae, the two Andropogoneae ( Coix lacryma-jobi and Zea mays ) were sisters as were two species formerly characterized as centothecoids ( Thysanolaena maxima and Centotheca lappacea ) (bs values, both 100 %).

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