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EN[ˈfɔɹmɚli] [ˈfɔːməli]

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    1. American interest is provided by former NBA star, Dennis Rodman, and the scantily clad Traci Bingham, formerly of "Baywatch."
    2. On account of the high rate of wages at Sydney, stevedores will not "screw off" now so willingly as they did formerly.
    3. Moscow’s food stores, formerly famed for bare shelves and long lines, are now kept stocked with fresh champignons and greens [ … ] .
    4. Formerly, the citizens of republics were distinguished the subjects living in kingdoms.
    5. 1852: Lysander Spooner, An Essay on the Trial by Jury - ...jurors in England have formerly understood it to be their right and duty to judge only according to their consciences, and not to submit to any dictation from the court, either as to law or fact.
    6. Carl Hegemann, who formerly worked with Mr. Castorf as a dramaturg, said the only endeavor that made sense for him at this point was to direct a traditional play.
    7. Founded almost 50 years ago, it's an imposing graystone structure (formerly a park district office).
    8. For the same reason, in accordance with the meaning of the term "Heortology," he has concerned himself with those festivals alone which are publicly celebrated, or were so celebrated formerly.

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