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    1. Deleuze criticizes the Chomsky hierarchy of formal languages, which he considers a perfect example of arborescent dualistic theory.
    2. A formal and bayardly round of duties. — Goodman.
    3. The business with the hat is a fine example of the difficulty of distinguishing between 'natural' and 'formal' acting.
    4. His portraits looked stiff and formal but his candids showed life being lived.
    5. “Scarcely had Alice reached her twentieth birthday, than she gave her erstwhile fiancée [sic] his formal congé. […]”
    6. She spoke formal English, without any dialect. ‎
    7. I'd like to make a formal complaint. ‎
    8. Formal linguistics ignores the vocabulary of languages and focuses solely on their grammar. ‎
    9. The formal stage is a critical part of any child's development. ‎
    10. Formal wear must be worn at my wedding! ‎
  • Examples of more formal
    1. Since the mid-twentieth century, the exchange of Orders has become less personal and more formal and diplomatic. [1]
    2. George Washington's generalship was marked by both amazing victories and stunning blunders, neither of which would have happened to someone with more formal officer training.
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