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    Examples of form in a Sentence

  • Examples of form
    1. The book, Calhoun says, incorporates ideas, in grossly degraded form, from a feminist "zinefest" subculture that had inspired her in her youth.
    2. The aliens adopted human form in order to blend in.
    3. Much wisdom has come down in the form of proverbs. ‎
    4. However, the question remains as to why the text does not desublimate the hard-boiled genre's investments around gender, sexuality, race, and nation with the same sort of scrupulous rigor that it demystifies the economic and social ideology of the form.
    5. Or like the rainbow's lovely form, / Evanishing amid the storm. — Burns.
    6. Operating a low-cost, high-pollution manufacturing process externalizes costs in the form of adverse human health consequences and ecosystem effects.
    7. GROTCH (Grennell) Acutely irritate. Usually passive. Speer suggests that this useful word is a transitive form of grouch.
  • Examples of forms
    1. Modern US culture has superseded the native forms.
    2. Like ballet and some forms of modern dance, thinspiration puts a premium on both agony and lightness.
    3. Two people can have the same idea at the same time because they felt the same thought-forms.
    4. One can feel the threatening energy of the thought-forms left in the room after a tense fight.
    5. We have to get people out of their cars and encourage them to use alternative forms of transportation.
    6. Titanium dioxide exhibits trimorphism: its three forms are rutile, octahedrite, and brookite.
    7. The trophonema consists of 50–60 trophocytes that maintain contact with <1% of the oocyte surface and forms a circular, bowel-shaped depression on the luminal surface of the gastrodermis as they sink into the mesoglea with the oocyte.
    8. Along with Kabuki theater and ukiyoe woodblock prints, taiko is one of Japan’s most popular and respected art forms in the West.
    9. The zitherns and mandolins have forms to match their pretty names, but the soul of the musical instrument abides elsewhere than in its body, and informs it only to the ear.
    10. While life as we know it depends on oxygen, scientists have speculated that alien life forms might breathe chlorine or methane.
  • Examples of formed
    1. CD105 Thy1- progenitor populations derived from regions of the fetal mandible or calvaria that do not undergo endochondral ossification formed only bone without marrow in our assay.
    2. Caustic curves and surfaces are called catacaustic when formed by reflection, and diacaustic when formed by refraction.
    3. The Liberal Democrats and Conservative parties formed a coalition government in 2010.
    4. The telecom companies were accused of having formed an illegal combine in order to hike up the network charges.
    5. A DNA molecule is formed from two strands, each of which is the complement of the other.
    6. The wagon train formed a corral to protect against Commanche attacks.
    7. Accordingly, the hundred senators divided the government among themselves, ten decuries being formed, and the individual members who were to have the chief direction of affairs being chosen into each decury.
    8. From the foothills below, Jean, Jan, and James were mere flyspecks, easily lost among the straggly pines that formed the treeline.
    9. The Frobenius number of 2 and 5 is 3, since 3 cannot be formed as a sum of twos and fives while every larger integer can.
  • Examples of forming
    1. Live cell imaging indicates Src1 could have roles during mitotic exit as it preferentially locates to the NE abscission points during nucleokinesis and to the NE surrounding forming daughter G1 nuclei.
    2. Escherichia coli ATCC 25922, containing 10 6 colony forming units (CFU)/mL was used as bacterial strain and green tea extracts were measured with the peroxalate chemiluminescence detection system.
    3. Experiments in vitro revealed even more amyloid-forming proteins and peptides, including proteins with no link to in vivo amyloids, such as polyaminoacids (e.g., polylysine, polythreonine and polyglutamic acid) [3 ], and short oligopeptides [4 –6 ].
    4. We discuss the possibility that one stygobitic lineage secondarily regained some of its body pigmentation as adaptation to increased photic conditions after cave collapse and forming of cenotes during the last glacial maximum.
    5. To the west, sedimentation is dictated by the Mississippi River and the input of siliciclastics into the NE GoM. Bottom sediments are dominated by quartz sand on the shelf forming the “MAFLA” (Mississippi-Alabama-Florida) Sand Sheet [25 , 26 ].
    6. The silty sediments were exposed subaerially and subject to soil-forming processes leading to paleosol formation in a well-drained floodplain as it is shown by mottled sediments, and calcareous nodules [ …]
    7. The degree of structural variation of telomeric G4-structures is high, as they are capable of forming tetramolecular, bimolecular, or unimolecular structures.
    8. Antennal bases enlarged, forming straight bidentate horns, tapered and pointed ventroapically.
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