EN[fɔːm] [fɔɹm] [-ɔː(ɹ)m]

    Examples of form in a Sentence

  • Examples of form
    1. Chimpanzees are known to form bands to hunt and kill other monkeys. ‎
    2. You get the negation of a proposition if you insert "not" (or some equivalent expression) into it in such a way as to form a contradictory of it.
    3. “Dance is not an ephemeral art form,” said Sandra Aberkalns, the senior staff notator at the bureau.
    4. This collection will form the nucleus of a new library.
    5. Juggling is a form of object manipulation.
    6. The angles of any two of the tetrahedra ABCD, A′B′C′D′, and OO′O″O‴ form the angles of a complete syngrammatic octangle whose syngrammatic points are the angles of the other tetrahedron [ …]
    7. If a vector is a 1-column matrix then a corresponding one-form would be a 1-row matrix.
    8. An overvote that took the form of punching Gore's chad and then writing his name (or Lieberman's) in the place for a write-in candidate would unambiguously manifest the voter's intention to vote for Gore.
  • Examples of forms
    1. The unifying thread is a kind of magpie postminimalism, which invigorates familiar abstract strategies — grids, serial repetition, reductive forms — using materials scavenged from everyday life.
    2. Quantum computing has the potential to break many previously unbreakable forms of encryption.
    3. On the scales below, circle the one ( + ) or (-) number which best represents your situation on both the belief and practice dimensions for each of the traditional and nontraditional forms of religioning.
    4. Sometimes, such competition is perfectly legal. In other instances, rent seeking takes other forms, such as bribery, corruption, smuggling, and black markets
    5. A selbri together with its associated sumti (if any) forms a bridi. A selbri without any sumti is called an observative bridi.
    6. нов, нова, ново, новы are short forms of новый.
    7. The often-found stenophagy in local populations of euryphagous species may indicate the emergence of stenophagous forms from euryphagous ones.
    8. In this country, Sunnism forms the majority.
    9. Modern US culture has superseded the native forms.
  • Examples of formed
    1. This program works correctly on all well-formed formulas but it blows up on illegal input.
    2. In Chapter IV we learned that every animal consists of a body, or soma, formed of cells that are differentiated from the germ cells usually at an early stage of development.
    3. Unkindelich he was transformed, That he which erst a man was formed, Into a woman was forshape[n]. ― Gower.
    4. What makes these goodies different, the company says, is that they are formed by robotic machines so that the dough is not toughened by overhandling.
    5. A child familiar with past tenses formed with "-ed" overregularizes by saying "goed" instead of "went".
    6. Sometimes the ideas spring to life fully formed.
    7. In science class the teacher prepared a supersaturated solution by cooling a saturated solution. He then added a small seed crystal and a large precipitate formed in just a second.
    8. According to the process that may have formed the Solar System planets, the surrounding discs of material around the gas giants gradually coalesced into moons.
  • Examples of forming
    1. This year that show featured a story about a patient with fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, a disorder in which damaged muscles and connective tissue turn to bone, forming, essentially, a second skeleton.
    2. This effect, combined with variation of effective false positive rate of the cluster-forming threshold over permutations, could explain this slight anticonservativeness.
    3. However, during the 1950s through to the 1970s the removal of the partition forming part of the enclosure to the box bed recesses to increase the size of rooms was common.
    4. Presynaptic proteins that promote vesicle release aggregate at active zones, forming the cytomatrix at the active zone (CAZ).
    5. Holding hands and forming a human daisy chain of peace, love and understanding is about as high on the list of priorities of today's fest-goer as remembering to pack a cummerbund.
    6. Well-to-do citizens, both Reformed and Catholic, also backed down and withdrew their demands, forming a united front to suppress the revolt in the cities, either through hardhandedness or appeasement.
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