EN[fɔːm] [fɔɹm] [-ɔː(ɹ)m]

    Examples of form in a Sentence

  • Examples of form
    1. The form letter included a canned answer stating that what I asked was against policy.
    2. the reduction of a linear substitution to its canonical form
    3. We instinctively know that nature supplied the form but, ever chary of favors, has passed on to give the beautiful fare perhaps, to a woman of unlovely form.
    4. The Archimedean property of real numbers means that the natural numbers form a cofinal subset of ℝ.
    5. He is more of a contextualist, believing that “letters are fluid, that they change with time and circumstance — the entire word is more important than a single letter, and its form can fluctuate.”
    6. The eye comes from the croissantlike truncation of a woman’s head in Picasso’s 1936 “Straw Hat With Blue Leaves,” a form Mr. Johns has worked with for years.
    7. Often the nice people are women, and the good fortune arrives in the form of protective, daddyish suitors who enjoy lavishing compliments and Champagne on the objects of their attention.
  • Examples of forms
    1. The Linux kernel operating system is one of the most popular forms of Unix.
    2. Suppose two powerful, industrialized countries, called Usonia and Russonia, compete by mean of capital exports and other forms of "aid" for influence in various underdeveloped countries, typified by Thirdonia.
    3. Sometimes the trophozoites are seen as crescent-shaped masses at the periphery of the erythrocyte (accolé forms ).
    4. The organic forms of Se available in biofortified products are the preferred choice for long-term population-wide Se supplementation strategies [24] as they may have additional health value under Se-deficient conditions [25].
    5. In 2013, Tominaga and co–workers crystallized carbamoylated and cyanated forms of HypE from Thermococcus kodakarensis after in vitro incubation of the protein with potassium cyanide and ATP [27 ].
    6. She is consistently but not deformingly alert to irony, to satire, to humor in its high and low forms.
    7. Electron microscopic analysis revealed mixed forms of demyelinated or dysmyelinated fibers compared to normal fibers (Fig.  4d-g ).
  • Examples of formed
    1. The O-ring and the Teflon formed a greaseless seal.
    2. Hypogenic caves are formed by water rising from below ground.
    3. Law enforcement authorities think the problem has been growing and a multiagency task force [ … ] was formed in February to determine the extent of the problem.
    4. new-born, new-formed, new-found, new-mown
    5. Polygonization is the process of forming polygons from linework which encloses areas. Linework to be formed into polygons must be fully noded – that is, linestrings must not cross and must touch only at endpoints.
    6. Well formed XML is an example of parsable text or data.
    7. A fatty, pimplelike lesion in a coronary artery burst, and a blood clot formed that closed the vessel and cut off circulation to part of the heart muscle.
  • Examples of forming
    1. To the south, as Halliday followed the winding course of the river, the darkness gave way to the deep indigo tracts of the irrigation project, the lines of canals forming an exquisite bonelike gridwork.”
    2. A cespitous or turfy plant has many stems from the same root, usually forming a close, thick carpet of matting. — Martyn.
    3. Earless ghost swift moths become “invisible” to echolocating bats by forming mating clusters close (less than half a meter) above vegetation and effectively blending into the clutter of echoes that the bat receives from the leaves and stems around them.
    4. I have one specimen, in which the primary crystals are siliceous, the secondary thin foliaceous crystals of deep red but transparent iron-ore, forming elegant figures, that have the form of roses.
    5. Many government prohibit the advertising of habit-forming substances to minors.
    6. Polygonization is the process of forming polygons from linework which encloses areas. Linework to be formed into polygons must be fully noded – that is, linestrings must not cross and must touch only at endpoints.
    7. [ … ] the molecules link end to end into the desired arrangement, forming polymerlike networks. "
    8. He is small, but not a toy, with a dome of pouffy white hair forming a helmet on his head; he has a silvery-gray coat and dark hazel eyes that look like giant buttons because the dark rims around them give him the appearance of wearing spectacles.
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