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  • Examples of form
    1. The writer personified death in the form of the Grim Reaper.
    2. 1817 Jeremy Bentham - Plan of Parliamentary Reform, in the Form of a Catechism
    3. After the third one was rejected, she took to asking the department to check the form before she submitted it. ‎
    4. He was obsessed with making LSD even purer than Sandoz, producing it first in powder form in gelatin capsules as well as light-blue liquid (“Mother's Milk”) that was easily recognizable when titrated onto sugar cubes.
    5. Sexton beetles, corpse-eating buriers who delve and undergrub him and howk out the trench his sausagy form settles into. — Galway Kinnell.
    6. Has this form been filled out?
    7. At half past nine, with the booming drums of the parade sounding up the street, the shivering form of Dwindle Daniels was again sogged down to its original saturation point.
    8. camera to form camerarama or
    9. future to form (eliding the e and merging the two rs into one) futurama
    10. It was in the form of an equilateral triangle with the corners rounded and was made of blue cloisonné bordered in silver. — The Ruined Map translated by E. Dale Saunders in 1969 from the Japanese by Kobo Abé in 1967.
  • Examples of forms
    1. The set of divisors of 30, with binary operators: g.c.d. and l.c.m., unary operator: division into 30, and identity elements: 1 and 30, forms a Boolean algebra.
    2. Interrogators have used many forms of torture to break prisoners of war.
    3. [ … ] although most black middle classers remain personally estranged from European "high art," theoretically they endorse it, and thus admire Marsalis's mastery of its forms.
    4. Collar rot forms in the collet between the stem and the root.
    5. Their ruddy faces and somewhat cumbrous forms belong to the animal period of life that links together boyhood, colthood and calfhood.
    6. Common in English, where in some putative compounds, such as autocrat or technocrat, both members would be combining forms.
    7. The day-after recall test is one of the original forms of advertising research but few people still use it because the data and analysis is limited.
    8. 1818: 2 to 1, which is a duple ratio, forms the [symphony] diapason — Iamblichus, Life of Pythagoras Tr. Thomas Taylor (page 328)
    9. Digging ditches has long been considered one of the most demanding forms of manual labor.
  • Examples of formed
    1. The telecom companies were accused of having formed an illegal combine in order to hike up the network charges.
    2. A DNA molecule is formed from two strands, each of which is the complement of the other.
    3. The wagon train formed a corral to protect against Commanche attacks.
    4. Accordingly, the hundred senators divided the government among themselves, ten decuries being formed, and the individual members who were to have the chief direction of affairs being chosen into each decury.
    5. From the foothills below, Jean, Jan, and James were mere flyspecks, easily lost among the straggly pines that formed the treeline.
    6. The Frobenius number of 2 and 5 is 3, since 3 cannot be formed as a sum of twos and fives while every larger integer can.
    7. From a vault in the green-blue ice, more or less perfectly formed each summer, the torrent issues, which represents the natural drainage of the valley, derived partly from land-springs, partly from fusion of the ice.
    8. By his spirit he hath garnished the heavens; his hand hath formed the crooked serpent. (Job 26:13, KJV)
    9. Even with 2 per cent. hydrochloric acid a certain amount of hæmatoporphyrin is formed, and if the strength of the acid be increased to 15 per cent. the whole of the iron is split off and the hæmochromogen is converted entirely into hæmatoporphyrin.
  • Examples of forming
    1. To the south, as Halliday followed the winding course of the river, the darkness gave way to the deep indigo tracts of the irrigation project, the lines of canals forming an exquisite bonelike gridwork.”
    2. A cespitous or turfy plant has many stems from the same root, usually forming a close, thick carpet of matting. — Martyn.
    3. Earless ghost swift moths become “invisible” to echolocating bats by forming mating clusters close (less than half a meter) above vegetation and effectively blending into the clutter of echoes that the bat receives from the leaves and stems around them.
    4. I have one specimen, in which the primary crystals are siliceous, the secondary thin foliaceous crystals of deep red but transparent iron-ore, forming elegant figures, that have the form of roses.
    5. Many government prohibit the advertising of habit-forming substances to minors.
    6. Polygonization is the process of forming polygons from linework which encloses areas. Linework to be formed into polygons must be fully noded – that is, linestrings must not cross and must touch only at endpoints.
    7. [ … ] the molecules link end to end into the desired arrangement, forming polymerlike networks. "
    8. He is small, but not a toy, with a dome of pouffy white hair forming a helmet on his head; he has a silvery-gray coat and dark hazel eyes that look like giant buttons because the dark rims around them give him the appearance of wearing spectacles.
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