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    1. For example, the preimage of {4, 9} under the squaring function is the set {−3,−2,+2,+3}.
    2. For example, if a company has $10,000 net income and $100,000 net sales, then profit margin equals ($10,000 : $100,000) .10, or 10%.
    3. The camera matrices and 3D structure are then computed for the frames 1-2-3-4, for example by first resectioning and then bundle adjustment.
    4. For example, if a railroad is required to connect a mine and a smelter, it is necessary to construct a right of way, to lay tracks, etc.
    5. There are many types of sealed systems, for example an audio speaker, a printing machine, a heating system, a grain storage system.
    6. For example, /ʃɹʌb/ → /sɹʌb/

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