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  • Examples of far
    1. The employment rate was so far behind, there were many company shutdowns.
    2. Nationalism and ethnocentrism are far from being spent forces in the modern world.
    3. Now Will saw lights ahead and they were to the landing where the steamboats lay moored, banking the river front solidly as far as the ... whose lights rose tier upon tier from main deck to the cupola-like pilot houses atop the texases.
    4. The manner is that of adoxographical, almost paradoxical (demens iudicio volgi), encomium, in that so far from apologizing for humble birth he finds in this the very foundation of his happiness and contentment.
    5. Sherman’s memoirs, as literature far superior to Grant’s, create an unforgettable autoportrait of this brilliant, angry, ruthless warrior.
    6. Since men are old offenders in the matter of bare-handedness let us put forth our best efforts in May to keep them gloved as far into the Summer season as possible.
    7. 'Is it far to walk,' asked Ruth, 'or should I take a bus?' 'Bus!' The barrow-boy roared with laughter.
    8. In Bellow's early work, American hardboiledness, inherited from the English gentleman and having been bequeathed from classical notions of honor and civicmindedness, was an ideal far removed from the striving, conniving, Jewish immigrant milieu.
  • Examples of farther
    1. You have all come far and you will go farther. ‎
    2. In a non-rhotic accent, the word 'farther' is pronounced like the word 'father'.
    3. Having passed Green Subaru, I floored it, but since I was already 20 minutes late anyway, I decided to stop a mile farther up the road at the local roadside organic pesticide-free grass-fed nonimperialistic fruit market to grab a quick cup of coffee.
    4. At the appointed hour Turner came and found me in an earnest study of the pictures in the farther end of the gallery, where I remained, unnoticing and unnoticed, until a sign from Griffiths called me up.
    5. Once the sea level stabilized again, the same group of corals grew once more, but farther inshore and up to 10 feet higher in elevation, a process known to geologists as backstepping.
    6. The advent of e-mail has simultaneously brought our society closer together and farther apart.
  • Examples of further
    1. Further reaction of quadricyclane with the cyclobutene-1,2-diester system of 9 produces the decacyclic system 7, in which each terminus contains a 3,4-dihydro variant of Smith’s diene.
    2. An already febrile atmosphere within the ground before the start had been stoked still further when France's players formed an arrow formation to face down the haka, and then advanced slowly over halfway as the capacity crowd roared.
    3. Different physical supports (canvas, fiberboard, heavily gessoed wood) further complicate Mr. Olson’s processes.
    4. Eric, you are grounded until further notice for lying to us about where you were last night!
    5. Kusama herself, delighted by her escalating auction prices but paranoid about the least implication of indebtedness to any other artist, has retreated ever further into gurulike ambiguities.
    6. This latest gaffe hurts the MP's reelection prospects still further.
    7. And then it is for the image's sake and so far is intransitive; but whatever is paid more to the image is transitive and passes further. — Jeremy Taylor.
  • Examples of farthest
    1. You can take the IND from thithermost Bronx to nethermost Brooklyn, as a 90-minute ride, from the furthest and farthest to the lowest in the New York City subway system.
    2. He is untrussed, unbuttoned, and ungartered, not out of carelessness, but care; his farthest end being but going to bed.
    3. At this the bird became so nervous that it made a mess on Merlyn's head — the whole room was quite white with droppings — and flew off to perch on the farthest tip of the corkindrill's tail, out of reach.
    4. ( cricket ) the tip of the bat farthest from the handle
  • Examples of furthest
    1. You can take the IND from thithermost Bronx to nethermost Brooklyn, as a 90-minute ride, from the furthest and farthest to the lowest in the New York City subway system.
    2. It was the kind of atmosphere suggesting Nature in her most sensible mood, full-blooded, normal, perfectly fulfilling her own vocation; utterly unmystical, except by very subtle interpretation; unsuggestive, since she was already saying all that could be said, and following out every principle by which she lived to the furthest confine of its contents.
    3. Our camp was about four miles above the furthest point attained by Captain Stokes, and consequently in Beagle Valley which we had traversed for more than thirty miles, the greater part of which was well grassed and openly wooded with box, bauhinia, and acacia.
    4. They bring them wines of Greece and Araby,[*] And daintie spices fetcht from furthest Ynd,[*] To kindle heat of corage privily: And in the wine a solemne oth they bynd 35 T' observe the sacred lawes of armes, that are assynd.

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