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  • Examples of fact
    1. In fact I wos napped on the nod, But the way I got woke wos a wunner.
    2. It was, in fact, the starchy stems that in some cases led to depletion of wild zamias in some regions of Florida.
    3. the argument or fact is admitted
    4. Are we not in fact dicivilizing ourselves as we decivilize them? Why is there no outcry? Is it because we have cast off the delusion of human sanctity?
    5. He did the crime and will go to jail - the fact that he did not know it was illegal does not enter into it. ‎
    6. We must all face up to the fact that we're not getting any younger.
    7. Jessica feigned the fact that she had not done her homework.
    8. I couldn't get across to the board this simple economic fact.
    9. She was in love with me for 10 years, and still hasn't got over the fact that the feeling wasn't mutual.
    10. Here is a fact that will give you pause. Many states do not publish the voting records of their legislators.
  • Examples of facts
    1. Halback ( 1999 ) points out that the disquotational notion of truth is just a tool for expressing infinite conjunctions and can contribute nothing to our knowledge of non-semantical facts.
    2. Your fond dreams of flying to Jupiter have been quashed by the facts of reality.
    3. an indigested array of facts
    4. It is a just assessment of the facts.
    5. B&S argue that ordinary macrophysical facts, e.g., about water, are just such counterexamples.
    6. The naked facts lay there on the table, enclosed within the files.
    7. The judge dismissed the case on procedural grounds; it wasn't the facts or the law, it was just they hadn't filed the correct forms.
    8. Yet Butler professes to stick to plain facts, not to sophisticate, not to refine. — M. Arnold.
    9. If he does, there is a chance for a limited, and relatively undamaging, ruling that hews closely to the facts of this case.
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