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  • Examples of fabric
    1. the fabric of our lives
    2. the fabric of the universe
    3. cotton fabric
    4. The internet is a fabric of computers connected by routers
    5. This fabric has a smooth, soft hand. ‎
    6. Wildeve was standing with his back to the fireplace smoking a cigar; and the promoter of the raffle, a packman from a distant town, was expatiating upon the value of the fabric as material for a summer dress.
    7. His sleeves had patches on the elbows where different fabric had been sewn on to replace material that had worn away.
    8. He was in the fabric store not to buy fabric but to pick up women.  She could tell he intended to pick up on her.  Did you pick up at the party last night? ‎
    9. Where, however, this chafing extends through the fabric or by reason of an aggravated skid,—the fabric is ground through at any point, resectioning would be necessary in addition.
  • Examples of fabrics
    1. Furlike fabrics include "Imitation Broadtail", "Imitation Beaver" and "Imitation Mink"
    2. A contributing factor to this slightly regressive femininity may have been the sugary fabrics (silver lamé, tulle over sequins) and the meringuelike puffs and baby Googums bows at the neck.
    3. Usually not enough to make an entire project by itself, remnants of several fabrics can be used to make quilts.
    4. Blood can make a very stubborn stain on fabrics if not washed properly.
    5. I prefer tailorable fabrics to make myself some unique outfit.
    6. English is little heard, and women wrapped in Technicolor fabrics plait microbraids into customers’ hair as their colleagues beckon passers-by.
    7. Some textile fabrics have little substance. ‎
    8. The scale of the printed fabrics is just right: the yellow calico of a blond girl’s sunsuit, the tiny picturesque country scenes in red, blue and green on a gathered skirt.
    9. Spielvogel said wet cleaning also has limitations; while it is fine for cottons and fabrics worn in warm climates, he said, it can damage heavy wools or structured clothes like suit jackets.
    10. Fabrics needed to be lightweight, gasproof, and strong.
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