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  • Examples of extremity
    1. Leaves erect, appressed, or subpatent, lanceolate, acute, serrated, especially towards the extremity, the margins recurved; the nerve reaching nearly to the point; surface papillose; colour pale-yellow-green, especially when dry.
    2. In order to highlight the extremity of the New York hypertax, assume a Florida resident decedent dies with a $10 million estate consisting of Florida realty and tangible personal property of $1 million; [ …]
  • Examples of extremities
    1. ...the kidneys, plac'd at the extremities of two large blood-vessels, the emulgent vein and artery, derived from the great vein and artery, very soon after their parting at the heart, the fountain of circulation.
    2. According to some versions of string theory, the universe displays a fractal-like identity between its scale extremities (the astronomically large and subatomically small), indicating a liminocentric structure.
    3. “How can one be so fat and have cold feet?” he muses, contemplating his own stodgy and unwarmable extremities.
    4. Guillain–Barré syndrome causes one to not be able to move one's extremities.
    5. The ceratohyoid is slender and it is thickened toward both the proximal and distal extremities.
    6. In HIV-1 and foamy viruses, the polyadenylation signal (poly(A) signal) is found at both extremities of the viral progenome, in the redundant 5’ and 3’ long terminal repeats (LTRs).
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