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  • Examples of event
    1. I need some warm bodies to volunteer to help with this event.
  • Examples of events
    1. In the new store, replicated beams were added to the ceiling in the sales area, where cellarlike arches and accents are repeated in the events room on the second level.
    2. The success of his undertaking is contingent upon events which he can not control.
    3. A current-events column in the student paper.
    4. It is now apparent that future analyses of Delta in Notch signaling events must consider its potential as a diffusable ligand.
    5. The events were so fantastic that only the tabloids were willing to print them.
    6. July 4, 1776, is a historic date. A great deal of historical research has been done on the events leading up to that day. ‎

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  1. fr évents
  2. en event
  3. fr évent
  4. en evens
  5. en vents
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