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  • Examples of etch
    1. After we were married, a jeweler told us that it would take about five weeks to etch our names into our bands, and we thought that seemed too long to be ringless.
  • Examples of etched
    1. The thick-bedded dolostone's straticulate character was brought out as fine etched parallel grooves on the broken surfaces by weathering.
    2. The memory of 9/11 is etched into my mind.
    3. The hardship, penury and hunger of the early 1930s is etched in the collective memory of older Americans.
    4. It bears the image of a man etched with the sefirot, the 10 divine attributes, and the legend “Ein Sof,” the kabbalah term for the infinite substance of creation (or for God himself, depending on the context).
    5. This brand new drizzler will add a touch of chic to your table! The leaf etched glass body and the stainless steel spout with the rubber stopper have all been designed for longevity and chic design. Perfect for olive oil or balsamic vinegar!
  • Examples of etching
    1. He donated an etching from his own collection to the new art gallery.
    2. Hot acid etching has been attempted to achieve microinterlocking and improve the bond between resin and Y-TZP. This includes etching with HCl/Fe 2 Cl 3 solution at 100°C, HF acid at 100°C, and nitric acid or sulfuric acid [8 ].
    3. Even though no obvious staining was observed in our case, contact with the vapor was still found to perform very faint etching at a submicrometric scale.
    4. a powderless etching
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