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  • Examples of equip
    1. And he made a counterjab at the United States, saying that the failure to fully equip Iraqi troops had damaged efforts to bring peace to the country, and if the United States speeded up the process of giving Iraqi troops equipment and weapons, the need for American troops could be significantly reduced within three to six months.
    2. If you equip your search engine with a stop list containing a few common words such as "a", "the", and "and", you can decrease the full-text index size by about 20%.
  • Examples of equipped
    1. The balloon was equipped with a burner to create hot air for lift.
    2. The measure would make California the first state to require that all new semiautomatic weapons be equipped with technology known as microstamping, which imprints microscopic markings as a gun fires.
    3. Due to frequent arctic travel, the plane was equipped with long skids for snow and ice landings.
    4. The country are led astray in following the town, and equipped in a ridiculous habit, when they fancy themselves in the height of the mode. Addison.
    5. But the practice has drawn mounting criticism from doctors and dentists who say it poses a dangerous risk of patients being oversedated by dentists who often have completed only a 24-hour training course and are not equipped to safely monitor the drugs.
    6. It is equipped with a brake and is extensible on its long coupling pole, extending from axle to axle.
    7. Samples were placed on a microslide and observed and photographed under a fluorescence microscope (DMLB, Leica, Germany) equipped with a digital camera (Power Shot S50, Canon, Japan).
  • Examples of equipping
    1. Gave orders for equipping a considerable fleet. Ludlow.

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