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EN[dəˈmɛstɪk] [-ɛstɪk]

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  • Examples of domestic
    1. Reimported drugs may not be as safe as domestic products.
    2. Domestic simulties — Ben Jonson.
    3. If there’s any sense of justice, relevance, even poetic stagemanship at work, New Orleans should emerge hands down as the site for the debate that will be dedicated to the nation’s domestic problems.
    4. [ … ] a plan to create a Brussels superagency that could intervene in domestic markets lacks natural consumer appeal and faces formidable industry opposition.
    5. The girl who had zoophobia didn't like animals, domestic or wild.
    6. [S]uffice it to record, that blessed with a numerous progeny, Emily found herself completely embosomed in domestic bliss: [ …]
    7. The scramble for this business is already on; everybody wants to get into the act. More than 370 American concerns have applied for franchises to give service over foreign and domestic airways.
    8. We got our water from a pump in the backyard and there is no domestic fatigue indoors or out-of-doors that I have not done continuously, not for fun but to keep the home fires burning.
    9. The UK standard connector for domestic mains electricity has three pins.
  • Examples of domestics
    1. The messaging instructions come in two sets: one for domestics, another for the foreigns.
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