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EN[dəˈmɛstɪk] [-ɛstɪk]

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  • Examples of domestic
    1. Biological antianimal agents are those which could be employed against domestic animals to incapacitate or destroy them through disease.
    2. A year ago, Baxter International and APP Pharmaceuticals split the domestic market for heparin, an anticlotting drug needed for surgery and dialysis .
    3. domestic violence;  domestic hot water ‎
    4. gross-domestic-product analysis
    5. Its fusion of mundane domestic tragedy, dark-night-of-the-soul emoting and hypermuscular camerawork suggests Robert Altman’s “Short Cuts” on jet-propelled roller skates.
    6. While individual states and counties will still control domestic adoption, the State Department will become the federal regulating agency in charge of intercountry adoptions.
  • Examples of domestics
    1. The messaging instructions come in two sets: one for domestics, another for the foreigns.
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