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  • Examples of direction
    1. The small orchestra played superbly under Wikman's direction; of special note is David Schrader's yeomanlike service on the harpsichord.
    2. He waved his hand vaguely in the direction he intended to go.
    3. “Trapeze” begins with pizzicatos that plunge into a circuslike cacophony with rapid trills, busy, clashing textures and motion in every direction.
    4. Muslims pray in the direction of Mecca.
    5. Don't expect a long walk.  You can only go so far in that direction. ‎
    6. His sense of direction leads us unerringly every time.
    7. Why not try turning the handle in the other direction to see if that opens the window?
    8. LOS ANGELES, June 29 — Drink in hand, attaboys coming at him from every direction, Tom DeSanto was living the fanboy dream.
  • Examples of directions
    1. Please text message the directions to me.
    2. I must have zoned while he was giving us the directions.
    3. Winthrop, whith such directions as he conceived fitt, and, as I hear, hath given his debte, which he maks 544^li. unto y^e gentlemen of y^e Bay. Indeed, M^r.
    4. Don't camp it up. Just follow the stage directions.
    5. Please follow the attached directions when assembling these shelves.
    6. I got so lost on my way downtown I had to ask for directions.
    7. Gaijins rarely speak Japanese, usually can't give directions to where they want to go, have notoriously short tempers.
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