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  • Examples of direction
    1. I would guess it points up the difference between the involuntary chunder where you cannot choose the time place or direction, and the self-induced chunder which facilitates further consumption of alcohol after your theoretical limit is reached.
    2. It was April 22, 1831, and a young man was walking down Whitehall in the direction of Parliament Street. He wore shepherd's plaid trousers and the swallow-tail coat of the day, with a figured muslin cravat wound about his wide-spread collar.
    3. Accordingly, the hundred senators divided the government among themselves, ten decuries being formed, and the individual members who were to have the chief direction of affairs being chosen into each decury.
    4. Keep going in the same direction. ‎
    5. The trombonist looked to the bandleader for direction. ‎
    6. The screenplay was good, but the direction was weak. ‎
    7. Drill a small hole to start the screw in the right direction.
    8. In the comparatively early state of human advancement in which we now live, a person cannot indeed feel that entireness of sympathy with all others, which would make any real discordance in the general direction of their conduct in life impossible [ … ] .
    9. ... the incensed firedrake, in revenge, flies all over the land, vomiting fire and smoke in every direction, — Helene A. Guerber, The Book of the Epic, 1913
  • Examples of directions
    1. Don't camp it up. Just follow the stage directions.
    2. Please follow the attached directions when assembling these shelves.
    3. I got so lost on my way downtown I had to ask for directions.
    4. Gaijins rarely speak Japanese, usually can't give directions to where they want to go, have notoriously short tempers.
    5. First, we improved resolution to produce more satisfying regional boundaries (better approximation of curves) by reslicing the atlas into 0.5 mm space before splitting it into slices in each of the three orthogonal directions.
    6. Their final embrace makes it painfully obvious that because their torsos are forever oriented in opposite directions, their relationship is unconsummatable.
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