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    1. The amplitude images are highly detailed and exhibit variations in acoustic emission from both calcified and uncalcified regions of the diseased artery.
    2. In addition to a detailed analysis of the growth of 5 USAnian cities of metropolitan proportians—Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles— [ …]
    3. This new play by Gunnar Branson and Marc Silvia has a lot going for it--a warmhearted and detailed script about a 1940 radio broadcast (much like The 1940's Radio Hour), a sharp and energetic ten-member cast, and the right screwball pacing to make it work.
    4. [ … ] Daniel Reuss leads a broadly paced, pristinely voiced rendition, enhanced by an atmospheric yet finely detailed recording.
    5. With an affrontery that did not falter, and knew not how to blush, he detailed his own participation in the acts for which he was prosecuting me as a participator.
    6. Detailed view of a typical fine endophyte arbuscle in the inner cortex. Note the well preserved structural integrity of the endophyte and the characteristic bifurcate hyphae [ …] . Infection was with the fine endophyte Glomus tenuis [ …] .
    7. We need to have the minivan detailed.
    8. From the pulsing throb of the very opening, this was a detailed, incisive playing, culminating in an envoi glowing enough to provide the catharsis this programme so uncompromisingly demanded.
    9. The book evokes a detailed and lively picture of what life was like in the 19th century.
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