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EN[ˌdɪsˈtɹʌkʃən] [-ʌkʃən]

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    1. Scientists have shown that palm oil is linked to such large-scale rainforest and peatland destruction that it can be hundreds of times worse for the climate than burning fossil fuels.
    2. Thought to be the work of the master sculptor Jean de Brecquessent, she is one of only a few of the 14 pleurants to have survived the tomb’s destruction during the French Revolution.
    3. The oracle saw the destruction of the city. ‎
    4. We were appalled by the utterness of the destruction.
    5. When their father and mother beheld them weep and lament still, they doubled their sorrowes and griefes, but full of yre and forced with Envy, they tooke their voyage homeward, devising the slaughter and destruction of their sister.
    6. They will not submit to the destruction of their rights.
    7. The ravages of war decimated the country: death, destruction and pestilence resulted from the bombings.
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