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EN[dɪˈstɹɔɪ] [-ɔɪ]

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  • Examples of destroy
    1. Had Nancy got caught with a child? If so she would destroy her parent's dreams for her.
    2. [ …] to destroy in the flower of its beauty, then ruthlessly casts it from him as a rank and loathsome weed, without reflecting that he first robbed it of its redolence; was himself the cause of that graveolence which he then finds so offensive.
    3. Our moral standards sway Like Mrs. Tanqueray, And we are theoretically Most aesthetically Eager to display The fact that we're aggressively And excessively Anxious to destroy All the snobbery And hob-nobbery Of the hoi-polloi.
    4. The quality of decision is like the well-timed swoop of a falcon which enables it to strike and destroy its victim. – Sun Tzu
    5. Hooligans destroy unprovoked
    6. The memory leak happened because we forgot to destroy the temporary lists.
    7. It irks me to do all this work and have someone destroy it.
    8. He will stop at nothing to destroy his enemies.
  • Examples of destroys
    1. [ … ] the discharge destroys or neutralizes all external induction, and the coatings are therefore found by the carrier ball unelectrified; [ … ]
    2. It gives a pair of drunken bums direction, purpose and thriving small businesses but it destroys their friendship and warps their morals in the process.
    3. Smoking destroys the natural subtlety of the palate
    4. Further, in making him a slave, he does not merely unhumanize one individual, but UNIVERSAL MAN. He destroys the foundations.
    5. Furthermore, rabies virus destroys T cells by inducing the overexpression of immunosubversive molecules, such as FasL, HLA-G or B7-H1.
    6. The new procedure relies on a type of laser called the pulsed photoangiolytic KTP. Its green light selectively destroys the blood vessels feeding the tumor without burning the vocal cords.
    7. The age mentioned in Season 10´s "Viva" makes no sense and is meant as a joke (the episode makes fun about continuity in its first scenes) but it´s IMO a pretty bad joke in a pretty bad and sitcomish episode that destroys character integrity.
  • Examples of destroyed
    1. If the bridge is destroyed, the shores are dissevered.
    2. Young, dense seed mussels are dredged up and relaid in more sheltered areas, where they will not be destroyed by storms.
    3. It is assumed that it might be possible, by subjecting an aqueous solution to selective radiation in a narrow spectrum of wavelengths at which the hydrate ion sheaths would be destroyed, to molarize the ions and separate salts from the aqueous solution.
    4. After the fire destroyed The Bronx pub, it was rebaptized The Bronx 2.
    5. Because the brain has two hemispheres, it has two amygdalas; both of the woman's amygdalas were destroyed by the disease, but the rest of her brain was unaffected.
    6. I've countered, burned, destroyed pretty much everything he's played, but now I'm out of cards and so is he. So now it's a topdecking game.
    7. Horatius, on duty when the enemy attacked, displayed a stoutheartedness unmatched by his companions. He kept them from running away by promising to hold off the enemy while they destroyed the bridge behind him.
    8. No doubt he thought he had critically exposed its wrongmindedness and destroyed its claims to acceptance as a serious or coherent theory of law.
  • Examples of destroying
    1. The damaged mainmast fell athwart the deck, destroying the ship's boat. ‎
    2. While looting the stores the looters took the opportunity for revenge by destroying what they didn't steal.
    3. Just next door, at Al Azhar University, a rocket mangled the protective metal bars as it crashed through the windows of the president’s office this month, destroying his desk and pocking his walls with shrapnel.
    4. Have you seen what that person is saying about you online? They are destroying your webutation.
    5. Destroying a rabid dog is required by law.
    6. Supporting the glucostatic hypothesis, in vivo studies have demonstrated destroying selected hypothalamic nuclei or regions, including the VMH, induces hyperphagia and obesity, while the ablation of the LHA, leads to hypophagia and loss of bodyweight.
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