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  • Examples of depict
    1. Chinese potters copied prints from Europe on the plates that depict buffoonlike Harlequin figures from the popular commedia dell'arte.
    2. The photos of the killings depict a grisly scene.
    3. This show’s radical idea is to depict a world closer to the one we inhabit than the one we pretend to live in: a place where money and provenance really are untrumpable determinants of the social order.
    4. Phenomimes "depict" states, conditions, or manners of the external world, while psychomimes symbolize mental conditions or sensations.
    5. [ … ] transparent scaffoldings partially draped with often hallucinatory nets of lines, gouges, hatching and cross-hatching that somehow also depict varying degrees of flesh, features and expression.
  • Examples of depicts
    1. This novel depicts a hetero couple who are in love.
    2. As Shamas depicts her, Earhart is basically a one-note, protofeminist heroine who pursues adventure "for the fun of it."
    3. The Auschwitz Album, owned by Yad Vashem, the Israeli Holocaust museum, depicts the railside selection process at Birkenau, the area where trains arrived at the camp, as SS men herded new prisoners into lines.
    4. The film tells the story of Jack’s induction and military training; depicts the Kiplings’ squirearchal lifestyle at Bateman’s, their Jacobean manor house in Sussex; and explores the family tensions over Jack’s brave but foolhardy enlistment.
    5. Margaret, Duchess of Argyll...depicts this charming old gentleman, who often kisses young girls outside Annabel's, as a narrow-minded, boring Ugandan expert.
    6. She depicts the mixture of terror and sang-froid as people stay riveted to the TV, watching superplague mark its serpentine course across the map even as they go about their own business.
    7. The shield depicts a pelican vulning herself.
  • Examples of depicted
    1. The political cartoon showed the politician as a caveman, clubbing the budget depicted as a mammoth.
    2. He is depicted by the painter Qian Xuan, another connoisseur of reclusion, in a 13th-century handscroll at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
    3. On sagittal reconstruction of the CT images, a narrowed aortomesenteric distance and angle can be easily depicted, substantiating the diagnosis.
    4. Karanjin (structure depicted in Figure  1 ) is a major active furanoflavonol constituent of Fordia cauliflora Hemsl.
    5. An intralabyrinthine hemorrhage may also be solely depicted by unenhancend T1w MPR.
  • Examples of depicting
    1. To portray court pastimes, there are backgammon boards, musical instruments and works of art: a hand scroll depicting women playing a golflike game and a hanging scroll with demonstrations of equestrian skills.
    2. a calendar depicting young lovelies in bikinis
    3. These two strands of 15th- and 16th-century art — Italian Renaissance and Netherlandish painting — intertwine in a stunning, multipaneled altarpiece depicting the Last Supper.
    4. The president spoke outside the brick exterior of the firehouse for Ladder Company 10 and Engine Company 10, against the backdrop of a 56-foot-long bronze bas-relief depicting the towers in flames. — New York Times
    5. We're going to have a Whoop De Doo!" says the Weber Dental Manufacturing Company of Canton, Ohio, in a colorful 17 by 13 inch poster depicting a rodeo.

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