deject Examples

EN[dɪˈdʒɛkt] [-ɛkt]

    Examples of deject in a Sentence

  • Examples of deject
    1. with such weak nerves and spirits, and in the condition I am in at present, ’twould be as much as my life was worth, to deject and contrist myself with so bad and melancholy an account
  • Examples of dejected
    1. Many earnest persons believe that the cessation of individual ownership in the means of production would leave the people in a hopeless, ambitionless, and dejected condition- would deprive them of initiative and thrift.
    2. The search party returned dejected from the luckless search.
    3. Watching the way the Pirates cut up the pea patch with their merciless hitting and precision fielding, the New Yorkers grew more dejected.
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