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    1. Network overhead is the header data that is required to route and transport data over network, whereas fork overhead is the additional time and memory cost of creating and managing new processes within operating system.
    2. Well formed XML is an example of parsable text or data.
    3. Once written to a disk file the data becomes persistent and it will still be there tomorrow when we run the next program.
    4. After all, sense-data are typically introduced into a theory as a result of argument—as a result, for instance, of reflecting on such phenomena as illusion, hallucination, perspectival variation, and so forth—and not as a result of sheer self-awareness.
    5. Risk is everywhere. [ …] For each [kind] there is a frighteningly precise measurement of just how likely it is to jump from the shadows and get you. “The Norm Chronicles” [ …] aims to help data-phobes find their way through this blizzard of risks.
    6. The processed data can now be used to generate statistics.
    7. Judy Mills: Oh, and I was very excited to hear about your agency's new emphasis on hard numbers and data. Simon: Excuse me? Judy Mills: Yeah, I heard you hired a quant.
    8. The application can connect to any queryable data source.
    9. reportable data elements
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