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  • Examples of cycle
    1. Put the washing in on a warm cycle. ‎
    2. the spin cycle
    3. Jones hit for the cycle in the game. ‎
    4. a cycle or set of leaves
    5. The composition modulates upwards through the cycle of fifths, eventually returning to the original key.
    6. Order cycle time can now be minutes from when the customer starts entering an order to when it is visible to the warehouse.
    7. Production cycle time is not as important as the time spent in transit.
    8. Design cycle time for an all-new state-of-the-art compressor is still years from go-ahead to readiness for manufacture.
    9. The promotion of cycle helmets causes the dangerisation of cycling.
    10. Within the normal reproductive cycle, haploidisation is one of the major functional consequences of meiosis.
    11. Perhaps Americans will finally choose to stop living in an economic Wild West and at last reject the boom-and-bust cycle of turbocharged hypercapitalism in favor of a more humane, livable society.
    12. According to the Metonic cycle, a lunar calendar begins on the same solar date every 19 years.
  • Examples of cycles
    1. In some localities the bank margins of several cycles are stacked above each other, in other places they backstep or prograde relative to each other.
    2. The holes and burning are caused by the part diaphragming at 20000-40000 cycles/second.
    3. Repeated cycles of macroseeding were required to obtain crystals of sufficient size for data collection [ … ] .
    4. Recall that the cyclicity of a polycycle in a family of equations is the maximal number of limit cycles that may occur from the polycycle in this family.
    5. RPL women had normal menstrual cycles, no uterine anomalies (by hysterosalpingography, hydrosonography or hysteroscopy) and no antiphospholipid syndrome (APS).
    6. The participants included were nulligravid women between 20 and 30 years of age with ovulatory menstrual cycles (26–32 days long), confirmed by a blood concentration of progesterone equal to or above 5 ng/mL on the 21st day of the cycle.
    7. The iterative pairing and unpairing cycles may tether plasmids equidistantly on the nucleoid to ensure faithful plasmid segregation by a mechanism compatible with the diffusion-ratchet mechanism as proposed from in vitro reconstituted systems.
    8. Amplification conditions were as following: predenaturation at 94°C for 3 min, 32 cycles of amplification (94°C for 30s, 45°C-72°C for 30s and 72°C for 30s) and a final extension at 72°C for 5 min.
    9. Au-NRs were incubated in BSA at the concentrations shown, subjected to five cycles of centrifugation and redispersion in water and then analyzed for LSPR peak intensity and peak shift.
  • Examples of cycling
    1. I've become so unfit after stopping cycling to town.
    2. On his blog at davidbyrne.com, Byrne chronicles his cycling adventures in unidyllic spots like Naples and Hong Kong (“the worst city for cyclists that I have encountered in the whole world”), as well as in some more bike-friendly territory.
    3. She led after the swiming and cycling, but ran awfully and came in fourth.
    4. Avoid cycling the device unnecessarily.
    5. They have their cycling game going tonight.
    6. The promotion of cycle helmets causes the dangerisation of cycling.
    7. All helmeted and pumped-up, dedicated pedallers raced through the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood in the second annual Toronto Criterium yesterday, one of four major cycling events in the province this weekend.
    8. The rust on my bicycle chain made cycling to work very dangerous.
    9. Ever since falling off my bike, she's gone off cycling to work. ‎
    10. Thermal stress and cycling, especially in the presence of a plastic resin pottant, that many microinverters contain, may crack the sintered ferrite material comprising the inductors and dramatically alter the inductance or saturation field characteristics.
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